Hail in Maleha and Khorfakkan
Hail in Maliha and Khorfakkan Image Credit: @storm_ae/Instagram

Dubai: Hailstones and heavy rainfall showered down over Maliha and Khorfakkan, in Sharjah, on Friday evening. Surrounding eastern regions of the UAE saw cloudy weather.

The Met Office issued yellow and red weather alerts indicating clouds over the eastern parts of the country till 7:30pm.

According to the Met Office, the UAE has been experiencing an extension of surface low-pressure systems in the easterrn parts of the country, accompanied by an extension of an upper air low-pressure, over the past three days. This caused rainy unstable weather from Wednesday to Friday.

On Thursday, Esraa Alnaqbi, a weather forecaster at NCM, explained: "As clouds move towards the east of the country, they are interrupted by the mountains in Khorfakkan and surrounding regions. Along with this, a low pressure system in this part of the country is causing rain to freeze and fall as hailstones."

On Thursday afternoon, hailstones, the size of golf balls, and heavy rainfall showered down over Fujairah and Khorfakkan.

UAE authorities have issued warnings, asking residents to keep away from low-lying areas that are prone to flash floods, especially in the eastern parts of the country.

Weather alert issued by the NCM on Friday.
Weather alert issued by the NCM on Friday. Image Credit: NCM

While temperatures will continue to be stable on Saturday, an increase in temperatures is expected on Sunday, the NCM official confirmed.