Meydan Road in Dubai, during the hazy weather in Dubai and other Emirates. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

Heading outdoors? Beware, as the UAE weather will be hazy and dusty, today.

Motorists are advised to drive carefully and keep a safe distance between the cars as visibility will be poor during the day.

The National Center of Meteorology (NCM) also warned of dust in the air: “Light to moderate winds at times, at a speed of 15– 30, reaching 40 km/hr, will cause blowing dust and sand.”

According to the NCM, the skies will be generally “Dusty and partly cloudy at times, with a significant rise in temperatures.”

The maximum temperature in the country is expected to be between 36 and 40°C, and the lowest temperature will be between 15-20°C.

There is an increase in temperatures across the country. The highest temperature recorded over the country yesterday was 37.8°C in Al Dhafrah (Abu Dhabi).

In coastal areas, temperature highs will be between 30-35°C, and 20-25°C in the mountainous regions.

Relative humidity will be at 55-75 per cent in the internal areas whereas in the mountainous regions it is expected to be 45-65 per cent.

The sea will be moderate becoming rough gradually by late night and Saturday morning Westward in the Arabian Gulf and slight to moderate in Oman Sea.