Dusty and hot weather. For illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Gulf News archives

Dubai: It’s not the best time to stay outdoors for long periods this week as sticky and dusty weather are here to stay for the next three days.

Relative humidity will remain in the 85 to 90 per cent range along the coast particularly in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, figures from the National Centre of Meteorology show.

The high humidity levels will contribute to the feeling of discomfort of residents when outdoors especially in the early mornings and evenings.

Some residents were quick to comment that the foggy morning on Tuesday during summer rarely happens. But a forecaster from NCM said otherwise.

“High humidity levels in June is not unusual. This has happened before,” he told Gulf News. “When an air mass coming from over the sea blows inland, it carries with it water vapour and the air on land becomes more [saturated]. It has happened many times in the past during the month of June.”

Based on historical figures, the mean maximum relative humidity in Dubai between the period of 1977 to 2018 is 76 per cent.

Aside from humidity, hazy and dusty conditions will be a concern on Wednesday and Thursday. Fresh northwesterly winds will start blowing over the sea and inland, whipping up dust and causing visibility to become poor in exposed areas.

A drop in temperature is expected with Dubai seeing a four-degree decrease from 41C on Tuesday to 37C on Wednesday, further dropping to 36C on Thursday. Similar temperatures are expected along the coast.

On Friday, convective clouds might form in Fujairah while relative humidity will increase in the rest of the country again that could give rise to mist or fog formation.

The Arabian Gulf will be rough to very rough from Wednesday to Friday. Oman Sea will be moderate on Wednesday, becoming moderate to rough on Thursday and Friday.