A woman covers her face during a sandstorm in Dubai. According to the met office, the weather could lead to reduced visibility. Image Credit: Gulf News Archive

Dubai: The UAE is likely to see cold mornings and even colder nights over the next few days with temperatures falling to as low as 2.6°C.

According to the weather bureau, the country is currently experiencing an extension of a surface high pressure system over the country and the eastern parts of the Arabian Peninsula, in addition to “an extension of weak low pressure over the North and the East, and a high pressure over the Western parts of the country in the upper air”.

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) said the weather on Sunday will be fair to partly cloudy, especially in the northern and eastern emirates as temperatures will continue to slightly fall.

Moderate to strong northwesterly winds will affect the sea with 50km/h winds expected to bring offshores waves to 6-9 feet high. The strong winds will also cause dust and sand to blow over exposed areas and reduce horizontal visibility.

“Wind speed will tend to decrease during the night over land, and relative humidity will increase over some internal areas,” said the NCM.

The NCM explained that over the next three days, temperatures will remain partly cloudy over some northern and eastern parts of the country, with a probability of some rainfall on Tuesday. Light to moderate northwesterly winds will affect various regions, bringing gales to a speed of 30-40 km/h.

Temperatures will continue to be cold in the early morning and late at night, with the weather bureau locating the coldest spot in the UAE on Sunday to have fallen in Jebel Jais, as temperatures fell to 2.6 °C at 2.15 am.

The other four coldest places included the Mebreh mountain in Ras Al Khaimah at 4.9 °C, while the other coolest spots were found at Jebel Hafeet, Raknah and Al Heben mountain with temperatures of 6.5 °C, 7.3 °C and 8.6 °C, respectively.