Tunisia desert Image Credit: Public domain

The UAE is gripped in the midst of a heatwave, with an ambient temperature of 50.5 Celsius recorded in Sweihan on Tuesday. But how does the UAE's high temperature compare to other places on Earth?

According to the World Meteorological Office, these are the 10 hottest places on Earth by recorded temperature.

10. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Record temperature 52 Celsius

On the coast of the Red Sea, Jeddah is one of the hottest places in the Middle East.  In 2010 it recorded a high of 52 Celsius.

9. Wadi Halfa, Sudan Record temperature 53 Celsius

Located at the border between Sudan and Egypt, Wadi Halfa sees consistently hot summers. In 1967, an ambient temperature of 53 Celsius was recorded.

8. Ahwaz, Iran Record temperature 53.3 Celsius

Near the borders of Kuwait and Iraq, the average temperature in July is usually around 47 Celsius.

7. Sulaibya, Kuwait Record temperature 53.6 Celsius

The Kuwaiti town of Sulaibya recorded a record high of 53.6 Celsius in July 2012. Summer highs are normally around 47 Celsius.

6. Tirat Tsvi, Israel Record temperature 53.8 Celsius

The settlement sits 220 meters below sea level. A temperature of 54 Celsius was recorded in 1942.

5. Araouane, Mali Record temperature 54.4 Celsius

There are few places as remote as Araouane, a tiny settlement that can’t even grow crops. In 1945 the temperature reached 54.4 Celsius.

4. Timbuktu, Mali Record temperature 54.5 Celsius

Mali offers another town to the top 10 hottest places in the world. Regular highs of 48 Celsius are commonplace throughout the year.

3. Kebili, Tunisia Record temperature 55 Celsius

Kebili is a desert oasis, but that doesn’t help keep the mercury down. 55 Celsius is a common high in the North African country.

2. Ghadames, Libya Record temperature 55 Celsius

Ghadames in Libya is also an oasis in the middle of the Sahara desert. Highs of 50 Celsius are standard throughout the summer.

1. Death Valley, United States Record temperature 56.6 Celsius

Death Valley is the driest and lowest valley in the US. With consistent highs of 50 Celsius, it’s no wonder where it got its name. In 1913, 56.6 Celsius was recorded at Furnace Creek – the hottest temperature reading ever taken.