Dubai dust
Dusty conditions in Dubai: A sudden change in weather affected motorists and pedestrians. Image Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News archives

Dubai: Dubai residents saw a sudden change in weather late morning on Thursday. By 11am, strong winds caused dust storms across many parts of the emirate, reducing visibility on many roads, affecting motorists and pedestrians.

The Met Office has issued alerts for dusty weather conditions, at times, in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, till 6pm.

Poor visibility on the roads

A senior meteorologist at the National Center of Meteorology told Gulf News: "The sudden change in weather is due to an extension of low pressure coming from the west. This is causing strong winds which will result in dust to blow across open areas at times.

"Visibility will be poor on some roads, so motorists should take care while driving," he added.

Increase in temperatures

Temperatures also saw an increase across the country. In Abu Dhabi, temperatures rose to 34°C and crossed 30°C in most parts of Dubai.

The official also said that the weather in Dubai will be hot today, however, a drop in temperatures is expected. "For example if the temperatures reaches 38°C today, tomorrow it will be around 32°C."

He added that light rain was recorded in some parts of Dubai including Jebel Ali and on Sheikh Zayed Road. 

"We have some clouds moving from west to east, they will cause light to very light rain in scatteres areas," the official added.

Light rain is expected tomorrow in scattered areas of the country again, as clouds move from the weastern parts of the country to the eastern parts.