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Dubai: The weather on Saturday is expected to be cooler as the skies turn partly cloudy, according to the National Centre for Meteorology (NCMS).

In its weather bulletin, the NCMS said Saturday morning could be humid with a chance of fog and mist. Winds are expected to me moderate, picking up at times, especially over sea. Winds speeds are predicted to range from 15 to 38km/h.

The seas will be rough, becoming moderate by afternoon in the Arabian Gulf and also moderate in the Oman Sea.

Temperatures in the coastal areas range from lows of 13-19 degrees Celsius to 22-25 degrees Celsius, and slightly cooler in the internal areas, with lows of 10-18 degrees Celsius and highs hovering around 24-28 degrees Celsius.

In the mountains, the mercury will drop from highs of 14-19 degrees Celsius to lows 9-13 degrees Celsius, because of the cooler air in the elevation.

On Sunday, the weather is expected to be the same as Saturday — fair to partly cloudy, in general.