A man cools himself at a park on the Abu Dhabi Corniche yesterday. Image Credit: Abdel-Krim Kallouche/Gulf News

It might feel hotter and muggier than usual today with high relative humidity and rising temperatures across the country. In Abu Dhabi corniche, the humidity today morning was recorded at 70 per cent with a temperature of 34°C. 

Around the Abu Dhabi International Airport, temperatures are at 36°C but will feel like 48°C with high humidity rates (60 per cent). Residents in Ajman will feel like it is 48°C, much hotter than the actual recorded 39°C. In Dubai and Sharjah, mapped temperatures are 37°C and 38°C, to feel slightly hotter than the recorded figures, at around 38°C and 41°C respectively.  

According to the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM), you can expect hazy and partly cloudy weather today. Coastal areas will experience high relative humidity and there will be moderate winds throughout the day.

NCM officials also had warned on Saturday that high levels of humidity will lead to mist formation, reducing horizontal visibility levels.

Minimum temperatures recorded in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are in the low 30s while the lowest recorded temperature in the country earlier today was in Jebel Jais at 25.6°C. On Saturday, the maximum temperature went up to 47°C in internal areas, while the mountains and the coastal areas had highs around 41°C.