rain in Fujairah.
Rain on Sheikh Khalifa street, Fujairah. Image Credit: @storm_ae/Instagram

Dubai: Rainy weather across the UAE came to an end on Tuesday morning. While many parts of the country continued to see overcast skies at times, rain was recorded only in the eastern regions.

According to the National Center of Meteorology, moderate to heavy rainfall was recorded in Fujairah and Kalba, an exclave of Sharjah, and Khorfakkan. Al Ain, which received hail over the weekend and on Monday, saw a light spell of rain at 4pm. 

The highest temperature recorded over the country today was also in Al Ain, with an official temperature reading of 27.5 °C in Sweihan at 2.30pm.

Fujairah to get more rains

Rains are expected to continue in Fujairah and surrounding regions tomorrow, February 14, and on Thursday, February 15.

According to a previous forecast, the rain in UAE is being caused as a result of "an extension of an upper air depression, accompanied by a cold air mass, and a westerly air currents, with different amounts of clouds flowing over the country from the West. As a result of a gradual deepening of the upper air depression, the amount of clouds increase over separate areas.

This air depression also affected neighbouring Gulf countries.

The NCM, forecasting the weather for Wednesday, said: "[The weather will be] fair to partly cloudy and cloudy at times over some eastern areas with a probability of rainfall."

Currently, there is "an extension of a surface low pressure, accompanied with an extension of upper air low-pressure system," over most parts of the UAE.

Temperatures to rise

A slight decrease in temperature was recorded on Monday across the UAE. Temperatures dipped by 2 to 4°C, especially in Dubai, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain and Fujairah, averaging around 20-22°C.

On Wednesday, temperatures tend to rise, the NCM forecast added.

Humidity will incrase by night and early on Thursday morning, with a chance of fog or mist formation over some internal areas.