Cloudy sky
Cloudy sky Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: UAE residents saw low clouds, dusty, and hazy weather on Friday evening. Speaking to Gulf News, a Met Office weather forecaster has confirmed that cloudy weather is expected in various parts of the country till Wednesday, March 15.

Sakina Alblooshi, a weather forecaster at the National Center Meteorology (NCM) told Gulf News: "No rain has been reported today, but many parts in the UAE are seeing cloudy and dusty weather today."

Unstable weather conditions are expected over the coming few days, she added. "The situation will peak on Monday and Tuesday, with the weather becoming stable by Wednesday evening."

The UAE is undergoing a low-pressure weather system in the UAE, which usually results in rain, Al . On Saturday, some convective clouds are expected over eastern areas. Clouds will increase over the weekend, on Sunday afternoon we are expecting rain in some parts especially eastern areas of the country, which includes areas in and around Al Ain, Fujairah, and Ras Al Khaimah," she said.

As the low-pressure situation deepens, on Monday, scattered rain will hit different parts of the country. While most areas will see light to moderate rainfall, some areas will get heavy rainfall at times, Alblooshi confirmed.

"On Monday, cloud formation will start over the western areas of the country in Abu Dhabi and move over coastal areas of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah, causing rainy conditions.

"On Tuesday, clouds will move from the coastal regions to eastern parts of the country," the weather forecaster added.

Cloud seeding flights will be conducted till Wednesday, depending on the clouds, to maximise rainfall in the country, she confirmed.

When asked if there will be any hail, like last week in Khorfakkan and Maliha, Alblooshi said: "For now, we know only about the chance of rainfall, it's too early to confirm if there will be hail."

By Wednesday, only eastern areas will receive light rainfall, and the low-pressure situation will decrease, she added.

"Temperatures will fluctuate during these days. On Friday there will be a slight decrease in temperatures but the drop will not be noticeable," Alblooshi added.

While light to moderate winds are expected till Wednesday, strong winds are expected at times on Monday and Tuesday. Areas with clouds will also see dusty weather conditions, Al Blooshi said.

The sea conditions in the Arabian Gulf will be rough at times with coud activity on March 13 and 14.