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Deodorant labelled as sanitiser discovered in Ajman. Image Credit: Supplied

Ajman: Ajman Economic Development Department (SEDD) shut down two factories on Sunday evening after seizing 40,000 fake bottles of sanitiser with a market value of Dh500,000.

Authorities said the traders will face hefty fines after falsely labelling deodorant body spray as sanitiser products.

The counterfeit goods were seized during an inspections held across the emirate.

Department inspectors immediately confiscated the fake goods, withdrawing the product from sales outlets.

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Ahmad Khair Al Bloushi, Director of Supervision and Consumer Protection, said: “After the supply chain was tracked, an efficient team of inspectors managed to reach the main supplier, and this manipulation was eliminated from its roots. The department will not tolerate those who cause harm to the safety and health of society or exploit the increase in demand for a number of products at the present time.”

Al Bloushi said they were determined to clamp down on offenders exploiting the safety concerns of the public amid the coronavirus outbreak.