Students celebrating with their parents and teachers at the Jumeirah British School. UAE students excel in their GCSE results announced on August 25.

Dubai: Schools across the UAE registered outstanding GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) and BTEC (Business and Technology Education Council) results on Thursday.

Brighton College Abu Dhabi celebrated its topper, Year 11 student Stylianos Zuburtikud, who scored a near-perfect score of 11 Grade 9s and one Grade 8. The school also recorded 38.5 per cent of its pupils securing top Grade 9s.

Brighton College Dubai achieved 26 per cent Grade 9, 50 per cent Grade 9 — 8 (A*), 72 per cent Grade 9 — 7 (A*-A), 87 per cent Grade 9-6 (A* — B), 96 per cent Grade 9 — 4 (A*-C). The school also recorded strong departmental performances, including value added results in English Language (+1.2), Art (+1.8), English Literature (+1.4) and French (+1.9). Other impressive outcomes were that 75 per cent of entries were awarded Grades 8-9 in French, 63 per cent in Maths and 83 per cent in Geography.

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Lucy Evans shares joyous moment at school

School toppers

Year 11 British student Habibah Rashwan, who underwent major spinal surgery in the run up to exams, aced with five Grade 9s, two grade A*s, one Grade 8 and a value added +2.7.

Year 11 Sudanese student Maryam Ibrahim also aced the GCSE exams by scoring two Grade 9s, one Grade A*, four Grade 8s, one Grade B and one Grade 7 with a value added +1.7.

Simon Crane, head master of Brighton College Dubai, said: “I warmly congratulate our Year 11 pupils and I would like to thank our committed staff and parents for their valuable contribution to this great achievement.”

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Phenomenal achievement

Brighton College Al also saw its pupils achieve strong results in Science, with 63 per cent of pupils achieving the top grade (7-9), and 77 per cent of pupils achieving top grades (7-9) in Humanities.

Indian student Adrika Lal topped the school achieving nine Grade 9s. Another student Anas Asha, who is Canadian-Palestinian, achieved eight Grade 9s and one Grade 8.

Scott Carnochan, head master of Brighton College Al Ain, said: “Given the journey these pupils have had to navigate, the results is a phenomenal achievement and I could not be more pleased for our pupils.”

Brighton College Abu Dhabi - Helen Wilkinson, Head Mistress with Pupils - GCSE Results Day 6.JPG-1661430830183
Brighton College Abu Dhabi - Helen Wilkinson, Head Mistress with Pupils - GCSE Results Day

Highest grades possible

Dubai British School — Jumeirah Park said 30 per cent of its pupils achieved Grade 9-8 (A*) while 50 per cent scored Grade 9-7 (A*-A). The school also saw a 100 per cent pass rate.

School principal Rebecca Coulter commented: “With 50 per cent of our students achieving the highest possible grades in over 26 GCSE subjects, and 52 per cent of our BTEC students achieving a D*, which is the equivalent to a grade 9 at GCSE, there is much to celebrate. We are proud of the value-add data for this cohort, with each child achieving over two grades higher than expected. After what has been a turbulent couple years for them, these results demonstrate their resilience, maturity and strength of character.

Year 11 student Bassem Saad said: “DBSJP has pushed me to aim high and expect nothing aside from the best for myself. I found that the most support often came from the teachers of my least favourite subjects, where I achieved my target grades, The grade boundaries this year were undoubtedly tough but everyone should be proud of their hard work over the past two years.”

Fared very well

Sunmarke School announced its students likewise fared very well at the recent GCSE and BTEC examination results for the fifth consecutive year. Overall, 70 per cent of its students gained Grade of 9-6 while 52 per cent of the overall grades were the top 7-9 grade and 95 per cent 9-4 grades. English and Mathematics achieved over 75 per cent 9-6, while Science was 70 per cent. The overall pass rate of the school stood at 99 per cent.

Dr Neil Hopkin, Sunmarke’s executive principal, noted: “All of our students are now prepared and poised for further academic success in our extremely popular 6th form, and we look forward to leading them on that journey.”

Year 11 American student from the school, Janette Himmo scored ten Grade 9s. Another Indian student Kynan Chona scored nine Grade 9s and one Grade 8.

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Omar AlAziz celebrates with his parents after scoring high in his GCSE exams announced on August 25

Highest level

Jebel Ali School (JAS) also announced that nearly a quarter of its school results were at the highest level of a grade 9, with just under half of the results coming in at a grade 8 or above. Simon Jodrell, JAS principal, said: “I am delighted to congratulate the Year 11 students. The commitment, determination and dedication they have shown have been incredible, and today they have been rightly rewarded with a set of outstanding results which truly reflects their efforts and achievements. We are confident that the diligence demonstrated will help them thrive in their A level studies.”

One of the student who scored high in the exams, Jack Jones, said: “I have achieved exactly what I wanted to and I’m now ready and excited to start my A Levels in Maths, Business and Chemistry.”

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Gems results

Dino Varkey, Group CEO of GEMS Education, said: “Our students are surpassing the UK national average and every single one of them, regardless of their grades, should be proud of their achievements. Their excellent set of results will stand them in good stead as they move on to the next exciting stage of their academic journey at their schools. These GCSE results bring to a close an impressive school exam season that has seen pupils from across GEMS’ different curricula put the challenges of the pandemic well behind them and press on towards their aspirations with a positive and confident attitude.”

A high achiever student from GEMS, Naisha Vikram Rajani, said: “Today has proved to me that hard work pays off and reminded me that I am capable of so much more. These results have shown me the importance of having faith and believing in myself and trusting my revision process and examination preparation.”


Meanwhile, Dubai British School — Emirates Hills said the GCSE results have proved a milestone this year. Sarah Reynolds, principal, said: “With 64 per cent of grades awarded at 9-7 or equivalent and some students achieving grade 9 across their curriculum these results are exceptional, not just because they represent amazing progress in learning but because they are the product of such dedication and resilience during unprecedented disruption and uncertainty. Our students should forever hold this achievement in their minds as recognition that they are capable of so much as they move on to the next exciting stage of their journey.”