Abu Dhabi: The UAE government has allocated about Dh100 million annually for the newly-established National Authority for Scientific Research (NASR).

The announcement was made on Friday by Shaikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and President of Zayed University.

The NASR is a Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research initiative that will help promote scientific research through private and public universities, colleges, companies and individual researchers.

Al Nahyan stressed contribution from three specific universities due to their proven experience in scientific research, namely Emirates University, Zayed University and the Higher Colleges of Technology.

"Projects are going to be selected to help promote scientific research and the growth of UAE society and we will compare them with international scientific research criteria. We encourage everyone to cooperate to help achieve a successful foundation. Competition always leads to excellence and the foundation's committee will only invest in quality projects," he said.

International standards

This will be done through yearly scientific programmes in various fields, including engineering, science, medicine, economics and agriculture.

The NASR committee will consist of professors and researchers from different fields who will be checking the projects submitted, comparing findings to international standards and submitting recommendations regarding the researcher. Information will be on display to the public who will be permitted to assess the foundation's work. Some of the projects will include a new network called Internet Two and the building of new laboratories to help promote successful research.

"We are currently gaining experience by cooperating with 20 different international scientific centres worldwide, mainly in the US and Australia.

"This year we will be involved in planning the foundation so that the research coincides with the start of the new financial year," said Al Nahyan.

Action plan: Encourage discoveries

  • An action plan for the National Authority for Scientific Research (NASR) includes the following steps:
  • Allocating an adequate amount to publish the results of various scientific research to encourage competition.
  • Cooperate with universities, colleges, and research centres in the UAE. Encourage new discoveries and compare findings with international standards in all fields.
  • Strengthen cooperation between private and public sectors to achieve efficiency in scientific research.
  • Enhance skills by working closely with international universities and research centres.
  • Promote awareness in society and highlight the importance of research.
  • Encourage participation of researchers in the UAE by sending them on international scientific research programmes.
  • Organise national scientific conferences and gather required data. Protect the rights of researches through responsible officials in the ministry.