Fares is the virtual assistant of Dubai Municipality
Fares is the virtual assistant of Dubai Municipality Image Credit: Screengrab

Dubai: From calculating the housing fee to reporting incidents in Dubai, residents can now access various Dubai Municipality services through WhatsApp.

The civic body has announced the introduction of ‘Fares’, a virtual assistant who answers inquiries around the clock and helps submit service requests.

Fares is available via WhatsApp, the municipality’s website and app.

In a video tweeted by the municipality, Fares was introduced as a virtual employee working under its call centre number 800900.

Array of services

Fares can help with tracking of status of requests, checking rumours related to Dubai Municipality, calculation of housing fees, and reporting incidents, among other services.

On accessing the service through WhatsApp via the call centre number 800900, Gulf News could see the service has been verified by the app. Fares managed to check the housing fee of a tenant in just a few clicks.

Fares' main menu includes:

1- FAQ

2- Incident Reporting

3- Check status of your transaction

4- DM Services

5- Apply for general request

6- DM Rumors

7- Housing Fees Calculator

8- Real-time daily notifications