DUBAI Dubai Police have transferred two young girls injured in a car accident in Oman to Rashid Hospital for treatment. The nine-year-old and 15-year-old girls were travelling with their family members to Salalah when the driver lost control of the vehicle. Three people lost their lives in the crash while three injured girls were taken to Sultan Qaboos Hospital in Oman. Dr Lt. Col. Mohammed AL Janahi, director of services and medical affairs at Dubai Police, said the girls’ health condition allowed them to be transferred to Rashid Hospital in Dubai. “Despite the fact that one of the girls is a daughter of a Dubai Police employee, both girls have been equally taken care of. Dubai Police never relent in their efforts to give a helping hand to whoever is in need,” Al Janahi added. The nine-year-old girlwas later discharged, while the 15-year-old is still hospitalised.