Abu Dhabi: Calling all music lovers. Have you ever wondered whether you have an inner Mozart or Jimmy Hendrix just waiting to be released?

One way to find out is to head down to the nearest music institute and discover which instrument calls to you.

There are several institutes dotted around the emirates that offer teaching programmes for various instruments as well as training budding singers on how to use their voices to sing in a variety of styles, such as classical or contemporary.

Noah's Ark Institute of Music and Art in Abu Dhabi is one such institute. It offers potential students the choice to learn the piano, violin, guitar, drums and several other instruments.

The classes offered are on a one-to-one basis and all ages and talent levels are welcome. The courses are broken up into two weekly classes - which provide students ample time to practice before the next session.

The prices of lessons vary. For instruments such as guitar and keyboard, the cost is Dh275 per month. Piano lovers have to pay Dh400 and all new students have to pay a Dh150 registration fee.

The International Music Institute in Abu Dhabi also offers lessons for any age group and talent level. Other than guitar and piano courses, students can also tap learn to play the saxophone or the trumpet.

The fees for the courses are Dh975 for 13 half-hour lessons as well as a Dh50 registration fee. The institute also provides singing lessons that range from 30 minutes to an hour at also Dh975.

Studies have indicated that sequential, skill building instruction in music integrated with the school curriculum can greatly improve performance in reading and mathematics.

Learning music creates a mode of concentration and motivation in children that they carry on in other fields of endeavour. "As with all subjects: mathematics, science, art, languages - the greater the study, the more profound the understanding," according to one music institute in Dubai.

Major centres:

Noah's Ark Institute of Music and Art
Tel: 02 - 641 9793
Working hours: Sunday to Thursday 4pm-8pm Saturday 9am-8pm

International Music Institute
Tel: 02 - 621 1299
Fax number: 02 621 4824
Working hours : Saturday to Thursday 9.30am- 12pm and 3pm-8.30pm


The Music Institute
Lessons offered: Piano, guitar, violin, keyboard, drums, vocal, music theory, flute, saxophone and KinderMusic.
Location: Knowledge Village (Block 13 Suite G3) and Jumeirah Beach Residence (Murjan 1 Tower P06)
Web: www.themusic-uae.com
Saturday: 11am-8pm
Sunday to Thursday: 12 noon - 9pm Tel: 04-3900786

Jumeirah Beach Residence Branch
Saturday: 11am-8pm
Sunday to Friday: 12 noon to 9pm Tel. No: 04-4243818
E-mail: jbr@tmi.ae

Jumeirah Music Centre (JMC)
Jumeirah Plaza
Tel: 04 - 349 2662
Courses Dh300-Dh400
Babies up to 18 months can take part in the Newborn Kindermusik Village

Blessed Music Learning Centre
Violin, piano, guitar, singing lessons for children.
Tel: 06 5636468
Website: www.blessedmusiccentre.com