Reckless riding Dubai
Dubai Police stated that the motorcyclists' aggressive behavior resulted in the confiscation of their motorcycles and issuing several traffic violation fines of up to Dh50,000 Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A group of women have been apprehended in Dubai for engaging in reckless motorcycle stunts, endangering their lives and the safety of others on the streets of Dubai, Dubai Police announced.

The daring acts included manipulating motorcycle number plates to avoid legal consequences.

Brigadier General Saif Muhair Al Mazrouei, Director General of Traffic Department at Dubai Police, said that the Dubai Traffic enforcement teams acted swiftly after a video clip of the women's dangerous antics surfaced on social media.

The video depicted them riding motorcycles recklessly, performing flashy and dangerous acrobatic manoeuvre, such as standing on the bike, riding without holding the handlebars, and driving on one wheel. Such behaviors posed a grave risk to their safety and that of other road users.

Furthermore, one of the women attempted to evade legal accountability by concealing her motorcycle's license plate under the seat.

Following thorough investigation, the identities of the reckless drivers were established. They were subsequently summoned to Dubai Police, where they admitted to their actions on various occasions. As a result, their motorcycles were impounded, and legal measures were taken against them.

Major General Al Mazrouei clarified that Dubai Police issued several fines for the apprehended group for driving in a manner that jeopardises life, safety, or security, which carries a fine of Dh 2000, along with 23 traffic points and a 60-day impoundment of the vehicle. Additionally, the provisions of Decree 30 on vehicle impoundment were applied, with the cost of releasing the impounded vehicles set at Dh50,000.

Al Mazrouei urged the community to report such negative phenomena through the "Police Eye" service in the Dubai Police App or by calling 901. Reporting reckless behaviors plays a vital role in maintaining road safety.

He also warned all cyclists against reckless driving on the roads, emphasizing that the law prescribes severe penalties for those who endanger lives or safety, damage the road, or engage in dangerous driving practices. Offenders will be apprehended, and their vehicles will be impounded, with legal action pursued through the judicial system.

He revealed that a significant majority (80 per cent) of individuals engaging in such reckless behavior have experienced serious accidents, resulting in fatalities or severe injuries. These incidents underscore the importance of responsible and safe driving practices on Dubai's roads.