Modifying, customising and upgrading cars is all part of the Show, which runs till March 3 at Sheikh Zayed Festival in Al Wathba Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: The Al Wathba Custom Show kicked off at Sheikh Zayed Festival today, Wednesday, in Al Wathba area of the Abu Dhabi emirate, offering automotive enthusiasts a range of adventures and providing Festival visitors and car lovers an opportunity to discover ways to refurbish and upgrade classic cars, as well as 4x4 vehicles, and enhance their engines.

The Show, which runs tills March 3, also has competitions with prizes divided into three categories for the top three winners in each category. The first category is dedicated to ‘Car Customisation’, those vehicles modified entirely with all components manufactured in 1981 and after. The second category is for ‘Classic Cars’ manufactured in 1980 or before, while the third category focuses on ‘Car Refurbishment’.

The Sheikh Zayed Festival welcomes visitors daily until March 9, from 4pm until midnight on weekdays and until 1am during weekends and official holidays.

Upgrades and displays

Al Wathba Custom Show will also feature a series of displays, including various workshops dedicated to upgrading and customising car engines. These workshops, appealing to the youth in the country, also include a dedicated area for showcasing modified vehicles, allowing fans to exhibit their car modification projects to visitors.

Professionals in these hobbies work on completely rebuilding and assembling classic cars within the Al Wathba Custom Show area in front of the committee during a specified time period. A judging committee, consisting of experts from different nationalities (the UAE, UK, and Thailand), oversees the four stages of the competitions based on set criteria, allocating points for each competition, with the highest points determining the winner in each category.

The Al Wathba Custom Show events and competitions take place annually as part of the Sheikh Zayed Festival, attracting a large audience of car enthusiasts. It serves as an opportunity for all car modification enthusiasts to exchange experiences between garages, practicing their hobby and winning prizes. It also provides an avenue to realise their creative aspirations by executing a safety-optimised modified car under the supervision of a select group of local and international experts in the field of car modification and races.

The Festival’s various sections and pavilions offer visitors numerous cultural, educational, and entertainment events and programs suitable for all age groups. Additionally, there is a chance to win cash prizes through various competitions and to shop from a wide range of products. Visitors can also enjoy new culinary experiences at many local and international restaurants.