Traffic on Airport Road in Abu Dhabi. Image Credit: AHMED KUTTY/Gulf news archive

Abu Dhabi: Traffic tolls will shortly be introduced in Abu Dhabi to ease traffic on certain roads, according to a law issued by President His Highness Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

The Department of Transport will be authorised to determine the areas where the toll gates will be implemented, the amount to be paid and the operation times, the law, which took effect from the date of publishing on December 31, states.

The department’s recommendations will then be submitted to the Executive Council for approval.

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Law no. 17 of 2017 stipulates that the department will also be responsible for collecting the tariff from vehicle owners that pass through the tolled areas.

The ways in which the money will be collected is yet to be determined by the department, the law states.

According to the law, ambulances, the Armed Forces, Civil Defence, public buses and motorcycles will be exempt from paying the tariff.

Drivers who cross a toll and do not pay the fee can face fines not exceeding Dh10,000.

A fully electronic road toll system known as "Salik" was introduced in Dubai in 2007.

The law stipulates that the Integrated Transport Centre will collect the road toll from the owner of every vehicle passing through a road toll area during the operating times as per the mechanisms set by the Department of Transport.

The law stipulates that before passing through road toll area during operating times, vehicle owners should subscribe to the road toll system and abide by the mechanisms set by the Department of Transport.

According to the law, it is prohibited to evade payment of road toll by concealing the vehicle's plate number or by any other means. The Integrated Transport Centre will refer all monitored violations to the competent authority to take the necessary measures against offenders.