Dubai: The fares for public transport in Dubai have been revised and will come into effect on November 11, coinciding with the launch of Dubai Tram.

Covering all modes of transport, including Dubai Metro, buses and Dubai Tram, the revision sees a slight increase in fares across all zones and all types of Nol cards.

The new minimum fare for Silver Nol card users on public transport, including the Dubai Metro, will be Dh3 for a ride within one zone as well as for a distance of up to 3 kilometres even between two adjacent zones. Currently, the minimum fare is Dh1.8 for a short trip up to 3 kilometres within one zone, while a trip covering a single zone is Dh2.3.

“We have seen that a lot of people had an issue with the existing structure when they travelled for short distances between adjacent zones. Some people work on the edge of one zone and live just right across the next zone. In the existing system they have to pay for two zones for travelling just a couple of kilometres. In the new fare structure we have done away with that, keeping in mind the sentiments of people,” said Abdullah Al Madani, CEO of Corporate Technical Support Services Sector at RTA.

The new Silver card fares for a ride between two adjacent zones is Dh5, up from Dh4.1, while fares for a trip across three or more zones will go up from Dh5.8 to Dh7.5.

For Gold Nol Card holders, the new fares are Dh6, Dh10 and Dh15 for zone 1, Zone 2 and Zone 3, respectively, up from Dh4.6, Dh8.2 and Dh11.6.

RTA’s new fare tariff comes following its launch of a wide range of discounted packages covering all types of cards.

“Our study shows that more than 90 per cent of the people will use the discounted packages and only 7 per cent of the commuters will be affected by the new tariff. Our idea is to encourage more people to take advantage of the packages,” added Al Madani.

Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual packages for Nol Silver, Gold as well as personalised Blue cards were launched last month.

The packages offer up to 47 per cent discount for regular commuters and 50 per cent reduction for students, the elderly and people dependent on social aid.

Interestingly, the discounted plans for the elderly are also available for expatriates above the age of 60, contrary to existing plans that were restricted to Emiratis.

As against the existing flat rates of Dh200 and Dh170 for monthly passes for the elderly and students respectively, the plan is now zone based and the fare has been reduced, with a single zone pass priced at Dh70, a two zone pass rated Dh115 and a multi-zone card to cost 175.

As part of the overhaul, RTA has increased the daily fare cap from Dh14 to Dh20 for silver card holders and for gold card holders the daily cap has jumped from Dh28 to Dh40.

Additionally, prices on Nol monthly packages have also increased significantly, with a multi-zone silver pass to cost Dh350 as against the existing Dh270.

But commuters will have an option to save their money by going for a quarterly or annual package, with a quarterly multi-zone silver pack costing Dh830 and a same category annual pack available for Dh2,670.

Opting for a multizone annual pack works out to a daily fare of Dh7 only.

The new Nol cards will also be available at a revised rate, with both Gold and Silver cards costing Dh25, with an initial value of Dh19, as against the existing price of Dh20, with an initial value of Dh14.

Though the new tariff and packages will come into effect from November 11, commuters can apply for the packages now.

“Existing Blue card holders can choose from a variety of options available and pay for their chosen packages at the ticket offices inside the Metro and bus stations as well as RTA public transport mobile apps or through Nol silver and gold card holders can also avail of the packages by registering their cards with RTA,” said Khalid Al Awadhi, Director of Nol at RTA.