Within minutes after bidding started the price of plate No 7 shot up to Dh5 million from Dh1 million. Image Credit: Courtesy: Sharjah Police

Sharjah: An auction of distinguished car number plates generated millions of dirhams and plate Number 7 fetched Dh5 million in fierce bidding on Saturday evening.

Organisers had a tough time controlling the proceedings in the charged atmosphere. Within minutes after the bidding began, the price of the No 7 plate shot up to Dh5 million from Dh1 million.

The event held at the Jawaher Hall attracted dozens of licence plate aficionados, most of whom were Emiratis.


price fetched by plate No 20 at the auction in Sharjah


price fetched by plate No 14 after some spirited auctioning

Along with No 7, a total of 55 distinguished licence plates were sold, generating millions of dirhams.

Among the most prominent number plates in the auction, number 20 fetched Dh1,900,000, and the plate number 14 fetched Dh1,810,000, while 55 got Dh1,550,000 and plate number 69 fetched Dh1,250,000

Several other plates generated hundreds of thousands of dirhams, organisers said.

The bidders were required to submit a guarantee cheque which was refunded in case a number was not acquired by the participant.


paid by a bidder for the distinguished plate No 55


was the final price for plate No 69 at the auction

Bids began anywhere between Dh5,000 and Dh1,000,000, depending on the licence plate.

More than 300 bidders participated in the auction.

Participant who made the winning bids can register the number plates in their name or to transfer it to another person or an entity after fulfilling procedures of vehicle registration requirements, organisers said.