Smart gate
Smart gate Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: A new smart gate will be activated in Abu Dhabi from Sunday to capture and fine erring motorists, the Abu Dhabi Police said on Friday.

The tower will be first activated on Al Ain-Abu Dhabi road.

Abu Dhabi Police urged drivers to adhere to speeds shown on the screens, noting that radars installed in the towers capture traffic violations such as exceeding the speed limit, expired vehicles and unauthorised heavy vehicles and violations of not leaving a sufficient safety distance, stopping on the shoulder of the road, or blocking traffic and parking on the right side of the road.

Smart gates on the Al Ain - Abu Dhabi road will monitor traffic violations and weather conditions to send instant signals to city to determine the speed of vehicles on the road according to the visibility.

Motorists should adhere to the messages that are transmitted through smart gate tower during the volatile weather conditions, and to follow the alerts broadcasted by Abu Dhabi Police through radio stations and social media, the police said.

Drivers are urged to adhere to preventive instructions through the smart system of the police.

Smart gates aim to reduce traffic accidents and enhance traffic safety for drivers and road users.

Abu Dhabi Police called the owners of vehicles with expired licences to renew them.

Those with expired licences will be fined Dh500, four traffic points with the vehicle being impounded for seven days.