From 1 July 2018, RTA will start the actual implementation of Phase 3 of Dedicated Bus and Taxi Lanes. Image Credit: RTA

Dubai: Starting July 1, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai will implement the third phase of the Dedicated Bus and Taxi Lanes (Masar), opening a 1.8-km bus lane to Jumeirah Lakes Metro station.

A fine of Dh600 will be issued to violating vehicles, based on Order No. 1 for the year 2010 governing the use of dedicated lanes on Dubai roads, said Adel Shakri, director of RTA’s transportation systems at its Public Transport Agency.

Fines will be issued either through RTA’s surveillance cameras or manually through Dubai Police patrols.

The order governing the use of dedicated lanes on Dubai roads has restricted the use of these lanes to RTA’s public buses and taxis, as well as vehicles of Dubai Police, Civil Defence and ambulances in emergency cases.

Privately-owned vehicles are allowed to use these lanes only when entering or exiting subsidiary roads.

“During the past few months, the preparatory phase of this scheme [Masar] started in the area, but without involving fines. The introduction of the system has seen a reduction in the number of vehicles using the dedicated bus and taxi lane,” said Shakri.

“Following the implementation of Phase 1 and 2, RTA has monitored an increase in the bus compliance with timetables by 20 per cent. The scheme has also encouraged the public to use public transport rather than private vehicles. The main objective of the scheme is to curb traffic congestion through offering speedy, effective and safe public transport services.”

In 2010, the RTA had implemented Phase 1 of the Dedicated Bus and Taxi Lanes system over six kilometres. It covered Al Mankhool Street from Satwa Roundabout up to Shaikh Rashid Street, and other parts of Dubai.

In 2011, RTA introduced Phase 2 of the scheme, covering parts of Naif Street, extending one kilometre from Al Musalla Street up to Al Khaleej Street. It also included parts of Ittihad Street in the direction from Sharjah to Dubai, extending one kilometre from the entry point to Dubai up to Al Nahda intersection.