Abu Dhabi toll lead
The Musaffah Bridge Toll Gate in Abu Dhabi. Image Credit: Gulf News

Abu Dhabi: Motorists who have still not registered for the new toll system need not worry, assured the traffic authority in Abu Dhabi.

The Integrated Transport Centre in Abu Dhabi has launched an awareness campaign after a number of motorists reported that they were still unable to register their vehicles for the Toll Gates, despite the system going live on January 2, 2020.

On its official social media accounts, ITC confirmed that penalties will not be applied and a three-month grace period has been given to all motorists — giving ample time to register their vehicles and top-up their accounts.

As of January 2, motorists passing the four toll gates, which include Al Maqtaa Bridge, Shaikh Zayed Bridge, Shaikh Khalifa Bridge and Al Khaleej Al Arabi Road, past Mussaffah Bridge, are required to pay Dh4 charge for every time they pass through.

However, drivers will only be charged during rush hours between 7am and 9am, and from 5pm to 7pm.

The total amount for the day will be capped at Dh16 with Dh200 per month for the first car, Dh150 for the second car and Dh100 for any additional car.

Charges will also be waived on Fridays and public holidays.

No registration needed for off-peak hours

Motorists with vehicles registered outside the emirate of Abu Dhabi are not required to sign up to the Abu Dhabi Road Toll System if they only pass through the toll gates at off-peak hours.

Owners of Abu Dhabi registered vehicles do not need to register on the website, as the ITC has created free accounts for all the vehicles. Each driver received an SMS with his/her account details and were requested to activate their accounts.

Drivers with Abu Dhabi registered cars will also not incur fines if they do not top up their accounts. Fees will be collected when they renew their car registration.

How to register a company car

Some motorists who were unable to want to register a company car, were advised to take the following steps:

Visit itps.itc.gov.ae/#/about

company account for abu dhabi toll gate
Several motorists said they were unable to register their company-owned vehicle with the Abu Dhabi Toll Gate System. Image Credit: Supplied

Click on Create account, then go to company/corporate and follow a list of the steps that you should follow to register.

Other motorists who tried to register their own private vehicles also continued to face a number of technical glitches, and said they were unable to complete the procedure on the website of ITC.

“Please try to register at a different time. If you face the same technical issue kindly contact our Customer Happiness Center on 80088888 to assist and help you in the registration process,” replied the ITC.