Abu Dhabi Police urged motorists to position themselves in the correct lane and avoid unnecessary lane changes. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/ Gulf News

Abu Dhabi: Police have called on motorists driving in the fast lane to proceed with caution, as driving slower than other road users can lead to accidents.

On Thursday, Abu Dhabi Police publish a traffic safety message on its social media accounts, advising motorists to keep to the lane on the right.

Police also cautioned road users to follow the speed limit and to abide by traffic rules in an effort to maintain and preserve the public’s safety.

Lane discipline

On highways with multiple lanes, keep to the right and allow faster cars to use the lanes left of you. If you notice that cars have to overtake you on your right side, move to a slower lane to the right of you.

  • Keep your vehicle always in the center of your lane, don’t hang to the left or right side of your lane.
  • Overtaking from the right is not legal. A driver must only pass other vehicles travelling in the same direction on the left, according to Article 10.5, UAE Federal Traffic Law Number 21, 1995.
  • Use your indicator before any lane changes, check properly around you and make sure you can change your lane safely.
  • When lining up at a red light, be in the lane you want to be in after the interchange. Especially at intersections where traffic turns to one side in more than one lane. This way, you don’t have to cut across and in front of other traffic participants.
  • When merging with traffic from the acceleration lane, give way to oncoming traffic and don’t bully your way in.

Source: Road Safety UAE