Abu Dhabi: The last time she checked, Tina Al Qubaisi had 45 rescued street cats at her farm, but stopped counting from that point onwards.

Tina's 250 by 200 sq metre farm, is about 45 minutes from the capital city, and was originally known as the Dhabian Equestrian Club (DEC), a home for horses when it first opened.

However since last January the Dhabian Rahma Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre (DRARR), became an extension of the DEC, as the need to rescue and home animals became a necessity for the farm owner.

DRARR is a non-profit, non-funded shelter that is currently a home for 17 rescued dogs, 15 rescued horses, and countless numbers of street cats.

In their efforts to help build a shelter for abandoned, and rescued street animals, especially cats, since they are commonly found roaming around the streets of Abu Dhabi, DRARR recently organised a charity event.

"We have a no-kill-policy, and are a non-profit, non-funded shelter for all animals. That's why we organise events, to help encourage people to take part in building a shelter for abandoned animals. An air-conditioned shelter is also necessary for the animals during the heat, and that costs up to Dh40,000," said Tina, DRARR founder and DEC owner.

Tina is also in talks with Abu Dhabi Municipality to expand the rescue centre by including an extra piece of land nearby. "We have a lot of residents giving us street cats, and Feline Friends, I was told, end up euthanising healthy cats, which we are totally against," she said.

When speaking to Colin Signorino, Abu Dhabi Feline Friends Founder, the only cats euthanised, are usually those that Abu Dhabi residents end up leaving behind.

"We're not a no-kill organisation, but many families either leave the country, or cannot keep their home cats anymore, and end up asking us to take care of it. Providing shelter for a healthy cat costs us up to Dh30 to 40,000 which we simply cannot afford, so the cat ends up euthanised but we never euthanise healthy street cats, if anything we sterilise them.|

"There are many no-kill-animal-shelters all over the world, from my experience, when they become overwhelmed with animals, they either send them to another place, or end up euthanising them," he added.