A parking meter in Sharjah
A parking meter in Sharjah. Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: Paid parking in Sharjah will resume from Wednesday, July 1, the Sharjah Municipality announced on Tuesday.

Sharjah Municipality announced the resumption of the collection of fees on public parking in the city of Sharjah from July 1 after all members of the public were exempted from paying fees for a period of three months based on the decision issued by the Sharjah Executive Council within the package of exemptions to reduce financial burden on the community during the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Khalid bin Falah Al Suwaidi, assistant general manager for the customer service sector, confirmed that the municipality exempted 40,000 parking spaces in the city of Sharjah from fees since the April 1 for a period of three months, in implementation of the decision of the Executive Council, and during which the inspection teams continued to ensure people parking properly and avoid misuse

of parking space, such as parking random or reserving more than one position, based on the municipality’s keenness on benefiting all members of society from serving public parking throughout the city, especially the vital areas thereof.

Al Suwaidi explained that the municipality has resumed collecting fees for these parking spaces since the beginning of July 1, coinciding with the reopening of the economic and tourism sectors, which requires the provision of public parking permanently to all residents and visitors, so the municipality was keen to provide parking at all times without the need to bother searching for it.

Ali Ahmed Abu Ghazin, Director of Public Parking Department in the Municipality of Sharjah City, stated that the municipality will compensate the participants in the parking cards.

Where customers whose subscriptions end on or after July 1 will be compensated by adding three additional months to the end date, while subscriptions ending before that date will be added a similar period for the remainder of them starting from April 1, and until the end date of the subscription, indicating that the number of subscribers who they will be compensated 11643 subscribers, as text messages will be sent for the subscription renewal with the expiry period after renewal.

Abu Ghazin stressed that the municipality is constantly striving to develop its work system to provide the best services to the public, including public parking, and therefore is keen to provide it continuously and provide various means of payment to save time and effort on them, whether through parking machine or text messages, which allows the customer to book the position for more than an hour He pointed out that more than 5,000 sites were subjected to fees during the first quarter of this year as part of the municipality’s continuous efforts to provide public parking permanently for residents and visitors, and it also carried out a comprehensive survey of some areas in preparation for subjecting the area to fees.