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During the first phase of the campaign, Sharjah Civil Defence inspectors visited a total of 155 companies in Al Saja'a. Photo for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: File

Sharjah: The Sharjah Civil Defence Authority has initiated a safety campaign aimed at enhancing security and safety measures at diesel tank facilities. The campaign’s inaugural phase was rolled out in the Al Saja’a industrial area, with the subsequent phase scheduled to encompass the free zones of Khalid Port and Al Hamriyah.

Brigadier Sami Khamis Al Naqbi, the Director-General of the Sharjah Civil Defence Authority, shared with Gulf News that the campaign specifically targets diesel tank facilities.


The inspection teams have placed their focus on assessing safety and security protocols within these locations, emphasizing the importance of adhering to correct procedures to safeguard the well-being of all personnel working in these environments.

Brigadier Sami Khamis Al Naqbi

The campaign commenced on June 12 and is ongoing. During the first phase, which ran from June 12 to August 31, inspectors visited a total of 155 companies in Al Saja'a.

They issued violations to 15 establishments, provided warnings to 10 companies, and granted a grace period to 90 companies for them to rectify their compliance. Additionally, 40 companies are actively working to meet the required conditions.

The violations noted included unauthorised tanks, improper storage practices, and a lack of alarms on the tanks. Companies that fail to comply with safety regulations and endanger lives will face stringent legal consequences. The Civil Defence team is dedicated to educating these entities about safety guidelines and requirements to mitigate risks.


Brigadier Al Naqbi emphasized the importance of strict adherence to guidelines and compliance with requirements to avoid legal actions. Establishments that have received warnings must visit the service centers at Civil Defence offices to demonstrate that they have addressed the issues on their premises. The inspection team will subsequently revisit these locations to ensure that the necessary corrections have been made. If a company fails to follow official instructions, the inspection team will seek police intervention, and the matter will be referred to the judiciary.

Brigadier Al Naqbi highlighted the substantial reduction in both the severity and frequency of fires in the emirate due to the intensive safety awareness campaigns conducted by the Sharjah Civil Defence.

Increased Awareness

The Sharjah Civil Defence has conducted extensive awareness campaigns, both in the field and online, to educate residents, business owners, and employees about the importance of implementing fire safety procedures. Brigadier Al Naqbi also stressed the significance of spreading a culture of fire prevention by involving community members and media outlets, including social media platforms.


New Facilities, Personnel, and Fleet:

The Sharjah Civil Defence Authority relocated to a new facility in Al Ramtha in July. This compound houses various Sharjah Police departments, including the traffic department, Sharjah Punitive and Rehabilitation Establishment, and Sharjah Driving Institute.

Furthermore, the Sharjah Civil Defence is in the process of recruiting 297 citizens for firefighter and administrative roles. Out of the 350 applicants, 297 will be selected after undergoing interviews and tests, which include assessments for phobias related to darkness and heights, nicotine testing, and assessments of health and physical fitness. Smoking is strictly prohibited, and any candidate found smoking will be disqualified from the job.

In addition to these developments, four new fire stations — Al Nouf, Al Siyouh, Mleiha, and Emirates Industrial — will be operational by the end of 2023, staffed by new personnel. Moreover, the fleet will see the addition of new hazardous materials transport vehicles, eight first responder vehicles, and new rescue devices and equipment.