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The award guide for the Open Innovation Award programme. Image Credit: Courtesy: Sharjah Police

Sharjah: Major General Saif Ziri Al Shamsi, Commander-in-Chief of Sharjah Police, attended the innovation laboratory for the Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Team and its partners to mark the launch of the ‘Open Innovation Award’ programme. The innovation laboratory is organised by the Strategy and Performance Development Department of Sharjah Police and is located at the Police Officers’ Club. Major General Al Shamsi’s visit coincided with the ‘UAE Innovates 2021’ week, which runs until February 27.

On the sidelines of the laboratory, Colonel Tariq Al Midfa, Director of the Strategy and Performance Development Department at Sharjah Police, announced the launch of the ‘Open Innovation Award’ for all groups of people, including creators and innovators. The award includes two main categories: Innovative Projects and Innovative Ideas. These award categories are linked with the COVID-19 pandemic. Registration for the award and participation will be open until March 20. Those wishing to register need to follow the social media channels of Sharjah Police and register through the online link available on Sharjah Police accounts.

Number of heads and representatives of federal and local government agencies participated in Monday’s session with the aim of infusing innovative and pioneering thought into the crisis management system. Brigadier General Abdullah Mubarak bin Amer, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Sharjah Police and a number of general directors and their deputies also attended the event.

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The Open Innovation Award targets all segments of society. Image Credit: Courtesy: Sharjah Police

The Innovative Laboratory included discussion on two main aspects in developing a plan for emergency, crisis and disaster management in order to confront the COVID-19 pandemic. The discussions also included the topic of controlling violators of health and safety protocol and monitoring the preventive measures put in place to counter the pandemic, following up on the cases of infection and the vaccination drive.

The ideas put forward in the laboratory were presented before and discussed with the participating teams to find solutions and support common goals.

Major General Al Shamsi stressed the importance of establishing innovative laboratories due to their crucial role in generating a package of ideas, views and meaningful proposals that contribute to the search for opportunities, counter challenges and find effective solutions. He thanked the participants from the strategic leadership partners and stakeholders for their effective role in supporting the efforts aimed at enhancing collective security. He said that success lies in integrated work.

Major General Al Shamsi added: “The Innovative Laboratory strengthens our fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, which has become the biggest challenge for the whole world. We are here today to generate innovative ideas to curb the pandemic, which will serve all sectors of society, including tourism, and provide valuable inputs to support our security and societal aspirations.

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The precautionary measures taken by Sharjah Police were reviewed and ways to enhance intensive cooperation with the participating authorities to confront and limit the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic were also discussed.

Colonel Tariq Al Midfa said: “This laboratory was an opportunity to activate and involve stakeholders in generating new ideas and to find solutions to control this pandemic. With everyone’s support, we will reach a solution that will preserve and protect our society in general, and Sharjah in particular, during this crisis, which, God willing, will pass by.”