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Major General Saif Al Zari Al Shamsi, Commander-in-Chief of Sharjah Police, said the launch of the 4th session of the Scientific Research Award came following the success achieved in its previous sessions. There was also a huge demand for participation from researchers and specialists from inside and outside the UAE. Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: The Academy of Police Sciences in Sharjah has announced the opening of registration for the Scientific Research Award in its 4th session. This was unveiled during a press conference held by the academy at its headquarters here.

Major General Saif Al Zari Al Shamsi, Commander-in-Chief of Sharjah Police, stressed during the conference that the announcement of the launch of the 4th session of the award came after the success achieved by previous sessions and the great demand for participation from researchers and specialists from inside and outside the UAE.

Sharjah Academy of Police Sciences Research Award
Dh350,000 -- Total prize of the award

Dh50,000 -- Cash prize for first place (for each field of the award)

Dh5,000 -- Cash prize for every approved research for arbitration and is subject to publication

Al Shamsi said that launching the award comes following the support and directives of His Highness Dr Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, and the directives of the Academy Council headed by Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad bin Sultan Al Qasimi, Crown Prince and Deputy Ruler of Sharjah.


The award comes within the framework of the academy’s continued efforts to enhance the quality of scientific research and its clear approach to encourage excellence and creativity and support its leading role as one of the security educational institutions supporting scientific research.

Al Shamsi pointed out that the idea of the award is to prepare scientific research in bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programmes, in addition to supporting research recommendations that address social and security phenomena at the state level in general and in the emirate of Sharjah in particular.

The announcement was spearheaded by Major General Al Shamsi, Brigadier General Muhammad Khamis Al Othmani, Director General of the Academy; Counselor Sultan bin Butti Al Muhairi, Member of the Academy Council, Col. Dr. Abdullah Al Hayyi, Director of the Officers College Administration, and a number of representatives from print and electronic media in the country.

Creativity, innovation

Al Othmani said the award aims to encourage researchers to continue with their scientific activities and initiatives. Moreover, it fosters a culture of creativity and innovation, present research ideas to achieve excellence and leadership in the performance of the police, raise the quality of research outputs in the country, conduct research related to studies at the Sharjah Police Academy.

It also aims to adopt the results and recommendations of the winning research and circulating it within the departments of the police force, as well as incorporating it in the undergraduate programmes and in scientific research.

Al Othmani announced that the Academy Council, headed by the Crown Prince of Sharjah, directed this year to increase the budget for scientific research in support of the academy’s efforts.

l Othmani added that the award has achieved during the previous sessions its desired goals, and it is expanding locally and regionally year after year, and this is evidenced by the large spread of it, the volume of participations, and the number of research and researchers, which increases steadily on an annual basis.

He pointed out that the results of previous cycles and the research presented have been employed in updating the academy’s courses and developing innovative training halls that provide an incubating environment for innovation and excellence, and submitting the recommendations of many of them to the concerned police and government authorities.

Emerging issues

Al Othmani explained that the award in its current session will address a number of important and emerging issues and areas.

He pointed out that the areas of the award include several levels, including the institutional level, and deals with participation from inside and outside the United Arab Emirates, provided that the research includes an annex to a new proposal or project that has been implemented in detail within the institution, and the research is concerned with the areas of combating drug mechanisms, data and knowledge management, professional talents, virtual education (metaverse and virtual reality ), cybersecurity, protection of intellectual property rights, and preparing future leaders.

As for the second level, it is limited to the individual work of university students, academies and police command staff, and it is possible to participate in this level in the field of criminal research, by presenting an innovative and creative project that serves the security work in criminal investigation, crime scene or criminal laboratory, with the project presented as an appendix to the scientific research submitted to the award. The second field at this level deals with security services through an innovative and creative project to security service and present the project as an appendix to the scientific research submitted to the award.

While the third level is concerned with joint work, and the applicant is required to be a citizen of the country, and a non-citizen has the right to apply for the award provided that he participates with a citizen in a joint bilateral research, and this level is related to research on strategic management, quality and excellence in security work, and the field of security confrontation of crimes.

Colonel Dr.Abdullah Al Hayyi stressed that the last edition of the award had witnessed an increase in the number of entries as 155 researchers participated compared to 98 researchers participated in the second edition.

Colonel Al Yayyi addressed the main evaluation axes of the award, including the scientific value of the research, the seriousness and originality of the research, the methodology of scientific research, scientific honesty and documentation, data analysis and drawing conclusions and recommendations, method, language integrity and presentation.

It also dealt with the conditions for applying for the award, namely, that the submitted research is in one of the fields of the award, and it is permissible to apply for the award with an individual or joint research, and the participant has the right to submit a maximum of two researches, provided that one of them is individual and the other is joint, and that the research has not won an award or previously published, and that the research applicant is not a member of the evaluation committee, or has won in the last session of the award. He reviewed the formal and methodological conditions for the advanced research of the award.

Dates to remember

The registration now open until January 2024

Dates for receiving research January 1, 2024 to March 3, 2024

Announcement of winners: April 22-25