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It’s not every day that nature decides to back a brand, but on 26 December 2019, the sun and the moon will team up, not only to form an annular solar eclipse unlike anything we’ll see for generations to come, but also to paint the Mastercard logo in the sky.

It’s been 172 years since the last “ring of fire” eclipse – aptly titled to describe the way it can be seen from the earth. Another eclipse like it won’t be visible again for just short of 100 years.

In a fortunate turn of events, this once in a lifetime eclipse will mirror the Mastercard logo exactly at two particular points, and Mastercard has decided to celebrate by giving its customers the sale of the century to coincide with the sight of the century.

In what has been titled Astronomical Sales, prices on Noon will diminish with the sun. In other words, the less of the sun you see, the less you pay. Since the eclipse will reach 97%, Mastercard holders will, in turn, receive 97% off an array of priceless products. But only for the brief window of almost-total coverage. Once the sun starts revealing itself again, so too will prices increase, until the eclipse, and the sale, are over.

The window is small: about two hours. Making the sale all the more thrilling and the eclipse, all the more exciting. Sources at Mastercard have also revealed that two lucky shoppers will be rewarded with a priceless experience when purchasing at the two moments when the eclipse exactly mirrors the Mastercard logo. Mastercard will send these two shoppers on an experience to reflect both a love of astronomy and a priceless experience.

The UAE has a rich astronomical history, wherein the stars have always played a crucial role in the existence of the region. In ancient times, navigating trade routes was only possible by use of the stars. And still today, understanding the stars is key to aeronautics and seafaring alike. In addition, the region has sent its first Emirati astronaut to space recently, making the event all the more meaningful.

Building a shopping bridge between Christmas and the Dubai Shopping Festival, the Astronomical Sales will not only prove to be a priceless alignment of shopping occasions, but also a priceless alignment of the stars.

Don’t miss the eclipse around 6:30 on 26 December 2019.