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Ala Nasser, Project Manager Image Credit: Supplied was built with the main intention of giving people clear access to Europe. Following the excellent reputation of Guide Consultants, was developed to provide clear and complete information for how to obtain any Schengen visa in languages that were previously not catered for with the same precision. Accurate translations into Arabic, French and English by qualified interpreters have opened up the possibility of European travel to hundreds of millions of people around the world.

“Sensitive to the current health crisis, at, we take great care to always keep the information up to date by uploading country specific data,” says Ala Nasser, Project Manager, “Not only does it offer updates on each Schengen member state’s present restrictions, but it also details any considerations that anyone would need to plan travel in the future.” is a highly successful site with a lot of energy to expand into other regions of visa provisions once governments start to open their borders again.

“Proud to have achieved its aims of increasing accessibility to the Schengen area globally, the team behind the site also makes sure to answer all travellers’ queries with personalised and thorough advice and recommendations,” he says.

Run by experts both in European and Arabic states, it offers a multifaceted and trustworthy platform for those seeking information for their travel.

In this way, is giving travellers and their families peace of mind by facilitating a clear step by step process to obtain their desired visa with ease. “Knowing that all their documentation is in order, those who have used our site are able to truly enjoy secure movement to and within the European Schengen area. We, at, believe that all should be able to have safe and happy travels,” adds Nasser.