A line up of rental cars Image Credit: Atiq Ur Rehman, Gulf News

Dubai: All transportation companies must obtain a permit first from the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) before they operate in Dubai, a senior RTA official told Gulf News on Thursday.

Sultan Al Marzooqi, Director of Commercial Transport Activities at RTA’s Licensing Agency, said companies had to “seek RTA’s NOC (no objection certificate) for the vehicle as a prerequisite for the completion of the issuance, renewal and amendment of business permits.”

Al Marzooqi said the directive is based on RTA’s Administrative Decision No. 706 of 2019 in implementation of the Executive Council’s Resolution No. 47 of 2017 for regulating all road transport and car rental activities in Dubai. The resolution also regulates the rental of buses, trucks, recreational vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles.

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Sultan Al Marzooqi Image Credit: Supplied

All transport services

“The decision covers all transport services – from passenger car rentals to vehicles, including light and heavy trucks, used in the delivery of goods, raw materials, food, furniture, money and other valuable goods as well as hazardous materials,” Al Marzooqi explained.

“It is part of the plan to leverage road transport and streamline vehicle rental activities in the emirate. The overall objective is to regulate the practice of such activities in Dubai,” he added.

According to the RTA, there are around 12,000 transportation and car rental companies registered in Dubai and the number of vehicles registered for transportation and rental activities is approximately 255,000.

“The RTA will prepare and approve technical and safety standards for operating the vehicles. It will also monitor the compliance of operators with permits and franchise contracts. In the event of breaching stipulations, the applicable penalties shall apply as provided for in the decision,” Al Marzooqi pointed out.

He added that the RTA’s Licensing Agency will also decide on applications for permits and specify the number of vehicles the company may operate for delivering passenger transport and set up a database for their activities and facilities, as specified in the administrative decision.