Optare bus
The new Optare bus launched by the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority. Image Credit: Screengrab

Dubai: Have you spotted these new OPTARE buses launched by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA)?

Well if you haven’t yet, take a look right here.

According to the RTA’s latest tweet, the authority has launched 94 of these buses in 17 routes.

And guess what, there are some real cool features that come inside the buses.

There is free WiFi for passengers in the bus, USB port on all seats, a CCTV camera to ensure passengers are safe in the bus at all times, a separate section with priority seating for families inside the OPTARE buses.

Wait! There is more. The buses also have an eco-drive dashboard, handrails, wheel chair provision and emergency exit in the bus.

According to Dubai’s RTA, these medium-size buses of Optare brand will be the first of its kind in the UAE.

The buses are compatible with the European Emission Standards (Euro 5), light in weight and low on fuel consumption.

“The delivery of the new batch of buses is part of RTA’s masterplan to improve public transport in Dubai and keep pace with the top international standards. Our objective is to deliver best-in-class services to public transport commuters and match the sustained growth in the number of riders,” said Mattar Al Tayer, Director-General and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of RTA.

According to RTA, the step is aligned with the authority's efforts to make public transport the ideal choice of mobility in Dubai, and raise the percentage of public transport journeys to 26 per cent by 2030, which requires providing public transport options characterised by high performance, affordable cost and wide geographical coverage. It will also enhance the integration between all transit means.

Mattar Al Tayer inspected an Optare bus after attending a briefing about the technical specifications. The buses have a low-floor door for the benefit of people of determination apart from deluxe interior finishing, LED destination boards, WiFi and USB charging ports. Image Credit: Courtesy: RTA

“The new buses will be deployed on 17 routes: Eight existing routes and nine new routes highlighted by metro link buses routes, low-demand routes, and routes serving residential areas which do not require the operation of large buses. The new buses will serve new districts and widen the geographical coverage of public transport in Dubai, increase the occupancy rate, and enhance multi-modal integration,” he added.

On July 6, 2019, the RTA announced that Al Tayer inspected the new Optare bus and attended a briefing about the technical specifications of the bus, which can accommodate 32-seated passengers and nine standees. Eight seats were fitted with adjustable safety belts and one seat is designated for people of determination.

The bus has a semi-stainless-steel body, and the design of front wheels creates more room for riders. The engines are characterised by low fuel consumption and low carbon emissions, which means less carbon footprints in line with the European standards. It has a low-floor door for the entry of people of determination and deluxe interior finishing. It has white LED destination boards, internet service (Wi-Fi) and USB charging ports.

Attendees of the launch included Ahmed Hashim Bahrozyan, chief executive officer of Public Transport Agency; Suwaidan Saeed Al Naboodah, Managing Director of Al Naboodah Enterprises, and several directors of RTA and Optare Company.