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Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Dubai: As a tourist, one of the easiest way to getting around a city is through a ride-hailing app.

In 2018, visitor numbers to Dubai grew by 0.8 per cent to reach 15.92 million compared to 15.79 million in 2017, according to Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (Dubai Tourism). The figures for international overnight visitors in 2018 marked a new high, as the city ramped up efforts to increase its overall appeal and accessibility.

The latest data published by Euromonitor International ranked Dubai as the first Middle East city and the seventh most visited city in the world, with estimated tourist numbers expected to soar up to 16 million for 2019.

In its recent findings, the ride-hailing app Uber has found that the Burj Khalifa was the seventh most visited tourist attraction in the world in 2019, beating Disneyland and Buckingham Palace.

The first Disneyland was opened in California in July 1955 by Walt Disney. Image Credit: Getty Images
Buckingham palace generic
Buckingham Palace Image Credit: Pixabay

For the second year in a row, the Empire State Building in New York was ranked as the most frequently Ubered-to tourist attraction.

A view of the Empire State Building with the Manhattan skyline in New York City. Image Credit: Agency

Here are the most popular travel destinations in the world, according to Uber:

  1. Empire State Building, US
  2. Freedom Tower, US
  3. CN Tower, Canada
  4. Arc de Triomphe, France
  5. Eiffel Tower, France
  6. The Louvre, France
  7. Burj Khalifa, UAE
  8. Disneyland, US
  9. Buckingham Palace, UK
  10. Golden Gate Bridge, US
  11. Sydney Opera House, Australia
  12. Berlin Wall, Germany
  13. The Blue Mosque, Turkey
  14. The Vatican, Italy
  15. Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt