Health centres will be built in remote areas for under-served communities in a number of countries, among other projects supported by the campaign Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: UAE-based The Big Heart Foundation (TBHF) has launched a zakat appeal campaign through charitable donations throughout Ramadan. 

Zakat is one of the “five pillars” of Islam; it is an alms applied on a small portion of wealth for spending on the needy.

The global humanitarian organisation, which has been serving millions of refugees, internally displaced people, and others in need for over a decade, will mobilise the funds raised through the ‘Enlighten their Future’ campaign to support projects in education, healthcare in underprivileged communities across various countries, and ongoing humanitarian response to the victims of the earthquake and natural disasters in Syria and Turkey. Also supported will be scientific and health centres, and helping institutions restore their ability to provide services to people in both countries.

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Those who support TBHF’s ‘Enlighten their Future’ campaign, will be contributing to improving healthcare in under-resourced communities with the provision of better tools, equipment and services, medical teams, and will enable the construction of specialised centres in remote locations. In the education sector, scholarships will be awarded to out-of-school children, new schools will be built, kindergartens will be supported, and more.

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How to donate

TBHF called on members of the UAE’s community, charitable individuals worldwide, private sector businesses, government entities, civil society organisations and charities to respond to TBHF’s Zakat Appeal with their contributions, which can be made through bank transfers to Sharjah Islamic Bank account number 0011-430430-020, as well as cheque and cash payments, or donations via its website.

TBHF Director Mariam Al Hammadi said: “The lives of millions of families, women, children, and the elderly in many communities worldwide depend on humanitarian missions, which can only be possible and successful with the benevolence and support of humanitarian champions to whom we have presented this appeal. Contributions this Ramadan will improve educational opportunities, give families who have lost everything after the recent earthquake a chance to rebuild their lives, and take quality healthcare to remote locations.”