190506 ramadan in saudi arabia
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Dubai: As the holy month of Ramadan approaches, Dr. Abdullatif Al Sheikh, Minister of Islamic Affairs, Dawah and Guidance, has issued a circular to all branches of the ministry, outlining the necessary preparations for mosques and worshipers.

Iftar for those fasting should be held in designated areas in the courtyards of mosques and be under the responsibility of the imam and muezzin. The person in charge of managing the group iftar should ensure that the area is cleaned immediately after iftar, and no temporary rooms or tents should be erected for this purpose.

The circular calls for imams and muezzins to adhere to strict guidelines and prioritize the needs of worshipers during Ramadan. It emphasizes the importance of regularity in the work of imams and muezzins, highlighting the need for them to be present during the entire month of Ramadan unless there are extreme circumstances.

If a person is assigned to carry out the work for the period of absence, this must be done with the approval of the Ministry’s branch in the region, and the deputy must not breach responsibility.

Cameras in mosques

Furthermore, the circular calls for adherence to the dates of the call to prayer according to the Um Al Qura calendar. It also urges imams to take into account the conditions of people in Taraweeh prayers, adhering to the guidance of the Prophet in the supplication of Qunoot in Taraweeh prayers, and avoiding prolonged prayers, and reading some useful books to the mosque congregation.

It also emphasizes the importance of not installing cameras in mosques, or collecting financial donations for projects to break the fast and others.

In addition, the circular directs the servants of mosques and maintenance institutions to double their efforts and work to clean and prepare mosques, ensuring the cleanliness of women’s prayer rooms in mosques. The servants of mosques are also directed to follow up on the implementation of these directives, submit daily reports on their tours to their reference, and indicate the observations observed, if any, for immediate treatment.

The circular also urges worshipers not to bring children to mosques during prayers, as it causes confusion and leads to the loss of reverence.

As the month of Ramadan approaches, the ministry is taking all necessary measures to ensure the comfort and safety of worshipers during this sacred time. The circular is a clear indication of the ministry’s commitment to providing the best possible service to the people.