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Quenching thirsts since 1984, Oasis is the first water brand in the UAE to provide a five-gallon bottle for home delivery. Over the years, Oasis’ home delivery system has evolved substantially, growing into the Oasis Direct E-Commerce Platform ( which, alongside water, now provides products from its sister brands such as Lacnor’s juices and milk.

Oasis is now blazing a trail in the sustainability stakes, following the launch of the region’s very first Tetra Pak boxed drinking water. Available in a 330ml size, the pioneering product hit supermarket shelves earlier this month.

Tetra Pak packaging can be fully recycled, its component parts are fully biodegradable, so using it and then disposing of it responsibly can assist in reducing plastic pollution.

In addition, its paper component comes from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified forests, where new trees replace the ones that are harvested.

The FSC certification guarantees that the wood-based products purchased come from responsible healthy, forests and strong communities.

While Oasis Boxed offers consumers an environmentally responsible drinking water option and has a serious mission behind it, its design personality is really fun and upbeat, featuring light-hearted phrases such as I’m Fun, I’m Cool, I’m Funky, and I’m Smart in English and Arabic. It is also available as a “sodium-free” option.

The Oasis Water sister-brand is Blu, a lively and refreshing sparkling water, which offers a three-flavour line-up – plain, lemon and lemon mint. The water comes in a raindrop-shaped blue bottle, which makes for a lovely addition to any dinner table, especially when there is a family gathering. Sparkling water is considered to maintain the feeling of fullness longer, so is particularly good for those who are going to fast or those watching their weight, and it can also aid in digestive health.