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Everything we need is on our phones these days and during Ramadan, while the needs differ, we still turn to our trusted devices for cooking inspiration, ways to be charitable, health, entertainment and more. These free-to-download apps will support your journey throughout Ramadan.

Note: All of them are available in the UAE Apple App Store and in the Google Play Store.

Helping others

It is the month of giving and good deeds, be it your time, a meal to the less fortunate, or a service to the community, everyone is encouraged to be charitable and compassionate towards others during Ramadan.

Be my eyes

A different kind of giving, Be My Eyes connects the visually impaired with sighted volunteers to help them lead more independent lives. Volunteers can help users do simple tasks such as recognising colours, reading nutrition information on food or checking expiry dates on live video.


Ramadan and cooking go hand in hand. So here’s the top food apps to help you stay on top of your cooking game.


Your quick and easy guide to thousands of diverse and delicious recipes in Arabic by some of the top chefs and cuisines from all over the world. This app will be your go-to-cooking guide this month.


The app is the best place to save your recipes (for the world to see) and view others’ home-cooked recipes and secret ingredients. You can get inspired and inspire others to make cooking fun for all.

Green Kitchen

Green Kitchen, is good for the healthy conscious because it gives you an array of inspiring vegetarian recipes away for the norm typical Ramadan food.

Education and free learning

With shorter working hours, why not use the time to be more productive and improve your skills from the comfort of your own home?


Are you traveling to a new country over Eid? Learn a few words to impress your friends and family. Learn over 30 different languages in a free, fun, effective way.


Master in-demand skills in fields such as coding, through learning programs built with the world’s most innovative companies.


This app is designed to push you through short intense mind and cognitive workouts. From focus, memory, problem solving, and more, you’ll have enough to keep you occupied till it’s time for Iftar.


Ramadan remains the best time for the year to watch new television series straight from the comfort of your couch.


Shahid has the largest library of Arabic movies and the latest, including exclusive dramas & shows making it the ideal destination for entertainment during Ramadan. The free version has ads.


Whether you want to take part in a magical adventure, or conquer kingdoms, here are some of the top gaming apps to enjoy this Ramadan:

Revenge of Sultans

Join players around the world in this epic fantasy game to reclaim an ancient kingdom on the Arabian Peninsula. Take on the challenge to bring peace and prosperity back to this land.

Clash of Kings

Conquer kingdoms in the war game that pits your army against friends and enemies from all around the world. Clash of Kings has so much territory to explore and conquer!