Janet Small of House of Colours in Al Barsha, Dubai Image Credit: AK Kallouche/XPRESS


The Custom Shop at the Beach Centre in Jumeirah promises to deliver a bespoke custom-made suit in just a week. A body scanner taking up to 30,000 measurements in less than a minute ensures a perfect fit. “A first in the region, the scanner goes a step further to calculate the body mass index (BMI) of the person. We don’t charge anything for the scan,” says Zaki Ali, co-founder of Custom Shop.

A tailored suit costs between Dh1,695 and Dh2,895. The stylists at the store – all done up like a trendy bachelor pad – make you push the envelope when it comes to design and details.

To personalise the suit, an array of accessories including silk ties, pocket-squares, cuff-links in sterling silver, handkerchiefs and socks are also available in-store. They can also stitch your signature on the felt or jacket lining.”

Style tips

Accessorise: Two must-haves are a vintage watch and broad cuffs on your shirt. Playful cufflinks with equine themes, stylish tie and collar pins are good add-ons.

Silk scarves and bow-ties: Ditch the traditional neck-tie and opt for contrasting knitted bow-ties or vibrant printed silk scarves with a cashmere inlay this year. If you want to get dandier, wear an elegant cravat.

Plaids and stripes: Get adventurous with plaids and stripes. For checked shirts, go for vibrant colours like yellow and green, blue and orange or similar bright hues. Avoid pairing the plaid garment with complimenting shades. A wide plaid three-piece suit works wonders with a thin striped contrasting shirt.

Match makers: Pocket squares, bold inner linings and socks are a great way to match your 
parner’s dress.


Think races and bright vibrant colours come to mind. But Janet Small, style, colour and image consultant at House of Colours in Al Barsha suggests not to forget your skin tone while picking colours.

“A blonde with blue eyes will look great in softer pinks and blues. Jade and emerald greens also go well on her. Coral, copper and rust match well for brunettes with green eyes. Brunettes with darker colour eyes should opt for shocking royal blue, chocolate brown or burgundy,” says Small.

“The best way to know what colour suits you is to try different colour fabrics under a bright light. Make sure you wear minimal make up so you don’t end up matching your colour with the lipstick shade. Another trick is to go into a shoe shop and try on gold and silver footwear. If gold looks good, then you are a warm tone person and you need to pick earthy and bright colours.”

Style tips

Heel stopper: Get a heel stopper to put on the bottom of your heel so it doesn’t sink into the ground. If you can, choose a wider heel or a wedge for the races.

Hats that way: Pick a neutral colour for the hat and do not match it with your dress.

Pashmina factor: Make sure to carry a Pashmina that can be slipped into your hand bag just so you are prepared for the evening if it gets cooler.

Timely fix: Wear your dress in advance so you can fix any hemming issues.