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Pakistani expat Madiha Farman with his father Farman Hyder (forth from left) posing for a photograph with officials after receiving her Golden Visa in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi: Born in the UAE to Pakistani parents, Madiha Farman went on to excel as a student in her adoptive country. Now a part-time teacher and mother-of-two, the 26-year-old was recently delighted to receive a UAE Golden Visa. “I didn’t think that I would get it, but my father was certain. It is still an overwhelming feeling,” Farman told Gulf News.

Wants to ‘give back’

Farman was among the many who had applied to have their visas extended, a facility introduced by the UAE last year to support long-term residency and sole-business ownership among talented expatriates. Despite going through the application process, Farman was uncertain that she would be considered eligible.

With her visa now approved, Farman said she was immensely grateful to the UAE government, and wants to use this opportunity to give back to the community.

“This is a wonderful initiative by the UAE government, and before anything else, I want to thank the wise leadership for granting me this honour,” Farman said.

Supporting parents

“I have to add that my father was sure I would get the Golden Visa, and it was he who insisted that I apply, given my achievements as a student. He has himself been an active member of the Pakistani community in the UAE and has always worked to help out people in need. I want to follow his example and serve the UAE as best as I can,” she added.

Farman completed her schooling in Abu Dhabi and went on to earn an undergraduate degree, followed by a Master’s degree in 2020, from Khalifa University. The ten-year visa recipient, who teaches Math at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Dubai, said she hoped to continue educating future generations.

“My father has been in the UAE for more than three decades and I hope the Golden Visa will eventually help me sponsor my parents’ stay in the country,” she said.

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Abu Dhabi based Pakistan expats Madiha Farman and her father Farman Hyder receiving Golden Visa.

Proud father

Farman Hyder, Madiha’s father, said it was a moment of pride for him to see his daughter receiving her Golden Visa.

“The UAE has been extremely kind to my family and it has allowed me to prepare each of my daughters for the future. Madiha, my third, has always excelled at her academics and I was gratified when she received her visa from the authorities,” said Hyder, aged 63.

The engineer, who arrived in the UAE in 1986, is still continuing to work with a public utilities company in Abu Dhabi. As reported by Gulf News earlier, he has helped numerous expats in need over the years, including providing repatriation funds, donating his rare O-negative type blood and supporting the destitute.

“The UAE is a heaven and I am grateful for everything it has provided us with. Madiha’s Golden Visa is now a great honour for me and my family. I thank the Abu Dhabi Immigration Department and the UAE Government and pray for the health and wellbeing of the Rulers of UAE,” he added.