Muhammad Shahbaz with his prized win. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: A store customer took home a brand-new Maserati Ghibli during the Big Ticket live draw. The Al-Ain resident was the lucky winner of the Dream Car raffle draw with Big Ticket.

Muhammad Shahbaz, a 29-year-old Pakistani national, has been living in Al-Ain since 2017 and has been buying Dream Car tickets for the past two years from the Big Ticket in-store counter at Abu Dhabi International Airport with a group of five friends. Muhammad was very happy to have won, and said he will sell the car, share the money prize with his friends and send his prize portion back home to Pakistan.

Muhammad, who is a camel caretaker, vowed to keep purchasing Big Ticket Dream Car and cash prize tickets every month.

“I encourage everyone to try their luck with Big Ticket,” said Muhammad. “You never know when you will be named a winner like me.”