A cannon is fired to sound the end of the Ramadan fast before the Azaan (call for prayer) for Maghrib prayer at Al Noor Mosque in Sharjah. The firing of the cannon brings the day’s fasting to a conclusion and means the iftar feast can begin. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

Abu Dhabi: The General Directorate of Civil Defence has announced that it will be dispatching teams to inspect Ramadan tents in the capital, whether in private residences, hotels or restaurants to ensure that safety requirements have been met.

Among the main elements that will be studied by specialists will be whether electric wires have been installed correctly, the tent material used is fire-resistant along with the placement and number of emergency exits, which must be located at least 1.5 metres away from any electrical outlet.

Other tent safety requirements include a distance of 20 metres must be ensured between the kitchen or any other source of ignition and the main dining area and lights must be placed at least 40 centimetres away from the tent's roof to prevent overheating. Additionally, tents must be placed at least four metres away from nearby buildings or streets.

"We want to make sure that there are no incidents or casualties during Ramadan, so we are requesting that everyone follow the safety guidelines we have outlined and also try not to smoke in the tents, as they have the potential to cause fires.

Gas canisters

"Additionally, tent owners are prohibited from storing any gas canisters or other fuel containers within the structure," said Colonel Mohammad Abdullah Al Nuaimi, Acting Director General of Civil Defence.

He also noted that to prevent any fire incidents at home, members of the public must make sure that they exercise caution with regard to use of incense burners and ensure there are no flammable materials near open flames.

"During Ramadan, many busy housewives try to multitask when preparing iftar or suhour, which means that they are not completely focused on what's happening in the kitchen or rely on their housemaids to cook and clean... this poses several risks of accidents. To prevent that, each task must be given the focus it needs... also, if there are children at home, it would be best if they play games in another room and be told to stay away from high activity areas," Colonel Al Nuaimi said.