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Dubai: The TECOM Group has introduced a first-of-its-kind package under which you can become an independent freelancer in the fields of media and education.

The package, which comes for just Dh7,500 a year, is inclusive of the Freelancer Permit and access to a Business Centre. Assistance is also provided if the applicant requires a visa.

Registrations open

Registrations which are currently open at Dubai Media City and Dubai Knowledge Park cover a wide range of activities.

While a freelancer working in the field of education can choose one activity, a media freelancer can pick up to three.

The list of permitted activities is long. The options under education include education advisor, eLearning advisor, executive coaching, researcher and trainer.

Media roles, which are more diverse, include actor, aerial shoot photographer, animator, artist, audio /sound engineer, brand consultant, cameraman, choreographer, commentators: radio, events, sports, television, composer, content provider, copywriter, creative director, critic: music, film, theatre, director: film, television, music, theatre, editor: audio/video/publishing, events planner, furniture designer, graphic designer, illustrator, journalist, lighting specialist, market analyst, marketing specialist, media planner, music director, musician, new media specialist, photographer, photojournalist, PR specialist, presenter TV/radio, print media specialist, producer, scriptwriter, set and exhibit designer, social media specialist, special effects producer, translator, wardrobe stylist, web developer, web designer and writer.

The application process is simple and entails three steps. First, you need to submit an online application.

Once the application is approved, you will receive an email notification, following which you have to visit the stipulated business centre in Dubai Media City or Dubai Knowledge Park to sign the required documents and pay the fees. Subsequently, the freelance permit is sent via email.

Besides your resume, the other documents required for the application process include a copy of your passport and visa, a bank reference letter, a no objection certificate from the sponsor, a portfolio of your work if it’s a media role and educational certificates.

According to Tecom, the aim of the package is to encourage freelance talent as it has the ability to transform the economy by infusing diverse skills into the community, while giving the freelancers what they need to sustain an independent future.