Naema Al Mansouri celebrate after winning the Federal National Council elections at ADNEC in Abu Dhabi. Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Abu Dhabi: Health, education, Emiratisation and welfare of people of determination and senior citizens topped the programmes of the newly elected members of the Federal National Council (FNC) Election 2019.

The newly elected members of the House told Gulf News much has been achieved, but more can be done to improve health care provision, education, welfare of people of determination and senior citizens across the country as well as creating more jobs for Emiratis in all sectors and businesses.

Dr Mouza Mohammad Al Ameri, oncologist surgeon and head of the Al Tawam Breast Cancer Centre, won a seat in the FNC with 370 votes.

Dr Al Ameri, one of the main driving forces behind a new survivorship programme for cancer patients, told Gulf News she will be focusing on mental and psychological well-being of women and society at large.

FTC FNC HAMEED SHARJAH16-1570368540032
Hameed Ali Al Abar Al Shamsi celebrates on his win in Sharjah after the results for FNC is declared. Image Credit: Clint Egbert/ Gulf News

“I will dedicate my efforts to reform the health care and the promotion of mental and psychological well-being, the prevention of mental disorders, and the care of people affected by mental disorders,” Dr Al Ameri said.

Dr Al Ameri completed her MBBS from UAE University in 2001 and obtained the German board in abdominal and trauma surgery 2011 from Rotkreuz Klinikum, Oberbayern /Munich.

She came back home to work as a consultant general and trauma surgeon from 2011-2013. Dr Al Ameri finished a fellowship in breast oncoplastic surgery from St. Elisabeth Krankenhaus/ University of Cologne in 2015. Since 2015, she has been practising as breast oncoplastic surgeon and since April 2018 as chief of Breast Care Centre in Tawam Hospital, Al Ain city.

Dr Al Ameri said she was working to make the survivorship programme’s services available in every hospital in the UAE.

“This is a passion of mine. My aunt, who is in her eighties, is a cancer survivor and she said that she didn’t want to waste her life because of cancer. She refused to allow cancer to be the end of her life.

“There is always hope and we want our patients to know that. Many of them wrongly believe that once they receive a cancer diagnoses then it means that their life is over.

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Maryam Majid Khalfan bin Thanya, one of the winner candidate seen celebrating after the results for FNC declared. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/ Gulf News

The Tawam Hospital receives about 1,300 new cancer patients every year.

The United Nations estimates that the world is home to 7.6 billion people and none of them regardless of ethnicity, race or gender are immune to cancer.

Dr. Al Ameri, who conducts several mastectomies and breast reconstruction surgeries at Tawam Hospital, said breast cancer has a better prognosis than diabetes treatment in some cases where women can expect to go into remission and be cancer free in a few years. I don’t think many women know that breast cancer in the early stages does not even require chemotherapy, just a lumpectomy and radiation resolves the issue. Besides that the new targeted therapies indicates that women need not fear breast cancer. The healing process is not so long and a woman can hope to go into remission and return to normal life.”

Naama Abdul Rahman Al Mansouri, who won a seat in the House with 444 votes, said her focus will be welfare of people of determination and senior citizens as the UAE is rapidly advancing its support for them as part of a wider effort to nurture a culture of tolerance and respect.

“I will dedicate my efforts the Government’s comprehensive policy that seek to protect senior citizens and those with disabilities from abuse and neglect, Al Mansouri said.

She added a vital part of this would be co-operation with local and federal authorities to prevent abuse, enable early detection, and provide access to optimal rehabilitation methods for those affected.

“The UAE works relentlessly to provide equal opportunities for people of determination to take on positions of responsibility, including their inclusion into leadership programmes, youth councils and other volunteer activities that allow them to contribute to the community,” she said.

Stepping up Emiratisation

Hamad Ahmad Al Rahoumi, who won a seat in the House with 1,517 votes, is one of the driving forces of Emiratisation.

Al Rahoumi said the UAE has only one labour market, whether in the private or government or semi-government. “This labour market must be overseen by one entity and to give top priority to Emiratis in jobs,” he said.

Al Rahoumi said with the government stepping up its Emiratisation programme, more needs to be done to ensure citizens get the preference for jobs in all sectors

“Stricter regulations on Emiratisation are needed and the existing law should be “firmly enforced” to make sure that eligible Emirati jobseekers are given top priority in employment, before issuing a work permit to non-Emiratis,” he said.

“I believe the government has done some work on Emiratisation. But it’s not enough as the pace of Emiratisation plan is still slow. There should be more laws that give priority to qualified UAE citizens to fill the vacant positions in all sectors,” Al Rahoumi said.

“He added the Government has to make it mandatory for all sectors, private or government firms, to offer vacant positions to those Emiratis who have the required qualifications for the job before considering expats.”

Al Rahoumi, who served as the head of the House’s Emiratisation Committee in the outgoing FNC, said he had already suggested creating a body in the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation to look into all visa applications for professional jobs and that if there was an Emirati job-seeker who meets the job criteria and is registered with the ministry, the employer should be advised to hire the UAE national.

Other winners speak

Osama Ahmad Al Shafar

Osama Ahmad Al Shafar, Dubai, 1,032 votes

Osama Ahmad Al Shafar has pledged to take the voice of the people to the government.

“Emiratis are my brothers and I want give them a voice. I want to make them heard and deliver on their requirements..”

Al Shafar said he is always in the midst of the people, attending events and meetings so he can serve them.

“Emirati concerns are my concerns and that is what I will take up in the council,” he said.

“I will focus on government education as it is important for the development of the UAE. We need to build well-educated generations,”” said the father of seven children.

Sara Mohammad Amin Falaknaz

Sara Mohammad Amin Falaknaz, Dubai, 333 votes

Sara Mohammad Amin Falaknaz said she would focus on innovation in employment as many job seekers are youngsters who have degrees but don’t gather work experience.

She said, “We are committed to our promise to live up to the responsibility that we earned. Being elected from Dubai is a positive message from the Emirati people that they believe in the youth to represent them in the Federal National Council as they comprise the majority of the Emiratis. Winning in the election represents the Emiratis’ belief in the role of women and what they can offer to their family, society and the country. I owe my success to my parents who raised me.”

Sara said, “I suggest that job seekers be distributed in government bodies as interns for six to 12 months to get experience. This will reduce costs for the organisations while offering the interns monthly stipends, not salaries. Later, the interns can either be recruited by the same government body or by another place.” She added that she would also focus on retired people by roping them in as advisors.

Humaid Ali Al Abbar Al Shamsi

Humaid Ali Al Abbar Al Shamsi, Sharjah, 1,227 votes.

Humaid Ali Al Abbar Al Shamsi, who has a diploma in parliament affairs and property management, said his focus areas would cover education (improving teaching standards), health care (establishing centres specialising in cancer care), people of determination and allowances for children.

“I will do my best to develop the standards of education, especially teaching,” he said.

He said he is very proud of the UAE and is grateful to the voters who chose him.

Married with four children, Al Shamsi had his family members close to him when the results were announced. “I cannot describe how wonderful it feels to win,” he said.

Adnan Hamad Mohammad Al Hammadi

Adnan Hamad Mohammed Al Hammadi, Khor Fakkan, 985 votes

For Adnan Hamad Mohammed Al Hammadi, the election was extra special. “It was a great and honest competition between us candidates. We were 16 candidates from Khor Fakkan,” he said.

An management post graduate with a bachelor’s degree in history and diplomas in English and natural resource management, Al Hammadi said, “I will devote my time and effort to serve people’s interests in the FNC and fight for their needs. My focus will be to further improve the living conditions of Emiratis.”

“I am grateful for the trust of the citizens who voted for me,” he added.

Obaid Khalfan Obaid Al Ghoul

Obaid Khalfan Obaid Al Ghoul, Dibba Al Hison, 947 votes

“I will work hard to serve the people and contribute to the country’s development,” said Obaid Khalfan Obaid Al Ghoul.

A retired brigadier, he has served for 35 years in government departments and 25 years doing voluntary work.

He said helping people is a habit for him. “My focus will be on strengthening security and stability for Emirati families, youth empowerment, employment for citizens, review of the pension system and strengthening the business sector for citizens.”

He is married with seven children.