UAE residents (clockwise) Zuzana Kapova,Dr Mariam Ketait, Paddy Kennedy, Dr Payam Azali and Hassan Latif Talib share their inspiring goals for the year 2024. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: In the spirit of embracing the possibilities that a new year brings, UAE residents are not just making resolutions but crafting ambitious narratives for 2024.

From pioneering initiatives in aerospace to fostering positive mindsets, their goals paint a diverse picture reflecting personal growth, cultural integration, and business expansion.

Gulf News spoke to residents of various nationalities about their personal and professional aspirations for the upcoming year and here is what they shared.

Dr Mariam Ketait

Emirati Dr Mariam Ketait, the regional lead of a global aerospace company’s start-up incubator programme, thinks 2023 was a runway roll, but 2024 will be a lift-off! She has a mission to break glass ceilings in aerospace and empower women to co-pilot the skies.

“In 2024, my focus is on propelling sustainable growth and fostering a human-centred future in the care economy, guided by compassion. I’m committed to co-creation, collaboration, and weaving diverse perspectives into inclusive solutions. I aim to work globally with start-ups to generate solutions that bridge divides and nurture a sustainable future. I wish to embrace growth fuelled by empathy, purpose-driven innovation, and a future where progress takes flight not only in technology but also in our hearts, rising above the noise towards a brighter, more harmonious, and inclusive future.”

Right attitude, clear mindset

Paddy Kennedy

Canadian expat Paddy Kennedy, a business communication coach and trainer, believes in starting each New Year with a clean slate and a positive attitude. “The New Year always reminds me that anything we desire is indeed possible with the right attitude and clear mindset. I love living in Dubai, a city brimming with hopes and dreams"

"I love watching Dubai grow and feeling its amazing energy. I am super excited to continue to bring my work as a leadership development specialist, communication strategist, and voice professional to the global community of Dubai. I especially love the government’s investment in its people. Being a part of the growth in the UAE is very stimulating and important to me. I wish to continue to be part of something way bigger and far greater than me,” said Kennedy who is also the founder and principal of a business communication studio.

Family time, business growth

Hassan Latif Talib

Pakistani expat Hassan Latif Talib, who runs healthcare and logistics businesses in Dubai, wishes to start 2024 with a house warming party at his new house. The goal up next is a trip to the US and Canada in February to celebrate his first child Fatima’s first birthday. “My wife Rachelle and I also have plans to go to Thailand for Eid holidays.”

While personal priorities such as travel and family time hold paramount importance, the entrepreneur within him has mapped out ambitious plans. “Since 2023 was a very growing year in Dubai, we have new plans for 2024 for the business to grow further. We are planning to go paperless and automate all our operations. My goal is to significantly grow our logistics team and expand the vehicle fleet.”

Understanding UAE

2024 will be a brand new year for Swedish expat Dr Payam Azali as he is a newcomer to Dubai. Hence, understanding the UAE is one of his main goals in the new year.

Dr Payam Azali

“My primary objectives for 2024 revolve around creating a sense of comfort for both myself and my family. This extends beyond mere material well-being. A crucial aspect for me is gaining a deeper understanding of the local living and working culture. Achieving this goal entails fostering a mindset of openness and optimism, emphasising a commitment to refrain from being judgemental about aspects of life here. By embracing a positive outlook and remaining receptive to the unique experiences that Dubai offers, I aim to build strong connections within the community and establish a fulfilling life for myself and my family in this vibrant and diverse city,” said Dr Azali who works as a consultant rheumatologist at a hospital in Dubai.

Finding equilibrium

Having faced a tough 2023, Slovakian entrepreneur Zuzana Kapova has decided to focus on achieving equilibrium as her personal goal in 2024.

Zuzana Kapova

“Balancing work with private life is paramount. Initiating a regular sports routine will enhance my well-being. I will prioritise travelling to enrich my experiences beyond the office. My motto will be: “work less, live more” and I wish to continue to cultivate holistic personal growth. Professionally, I wish to open a new line of collagen-infused beverages available throughout the country in places that cater health-conscious consumers seeking functional drinks. I will also continue discussing what ageing is and introducing the effective anti-ageing methods, tips and tricks,” said Kapova who is the founder of a premium collagen brand.

Personal growth, well-being

Chandan Serai

Meanwhile, Indian expat Chandan Haresh Serai, founder and CEO of a matrimonial platform in the Middle East, said his main goals for the coming year are personal growth and well-being.

“I want to focus on two key things: adopting a healthier lifestyle through exercise, mindful eating, and self-care, and strengthening relationships by spending quality time with friends and family. This involves actively listening, improving communication, and creating memorable experiences. I aim for positive transformation, emphasising self-improvement and meaningful connections, leading to a more balanced and fulfilling life. On the work front, I aspire to break the stereotypes surrounding matrimony platforms. I am looking forward to uniting hearts and making memories through our platform globally in 2024.”