The Ministry of Community Development has issued a manual for employing the people of determination, in keeping with the National Policy for Empowering People of Determination to provide vocational, rehabilitation and employment programmes for them.

The policy also will initiate supportive policies to recruit them in government and private institutions, in addition to creating a database of information about their needs.

The policy seeks to providing them welfare, employment growth and stability in accordance with the Cabinet’s Decision No. (43) of 2018 concerning the employment of people of determination under suitable arrangements and facilities to ensure their functional performance equally to their peers.

The manual establishes an inclusive welcoming working environment for all different categories and ensures that all equal opportunities are provided for all of them from the early recruitment stages to the employment procedures of the people of determination such as interviews, training programs, access to information, support devices, comprehensive designs, job evaluation and assessment, promotion and retirement and other procedures that lead to inclusive employment.

Wafa Hamda bin Sulaiman, director of welfare & rehabilitation department for People of Determination, said: “The manual reflects the vision of the UAE wise leadership with the people of determination categories in implementing a number of policies and decisions that had a positive impact on the lives of people of determination in all fields. The National Policy for Empowering People of Determination included several pillars which important goals and initiatives aimed at improving their reality and obtaining their rights as mentioned in the federal law No. (29) of 2006 concerning the rights of persons with disabilities.

She added that the manual explains many of the terms, procedures and systems that must be taken into account when employing the people of determination and this helps all federal, government and private sectors to implement the Cabinet’s Decision while employing the people of determination.

The manual also speaks about forms of discrimination on the basis of disability, direct and indirect discrimination, reasonable facilities and arrangements and general or comprehensive design of products, environments, programmes and services for all segments of the society to reach inclusive employment. It also focuses on the option of “remote employment” as a work option for those who are interested, by allowing them to perform jobs from home.

11 categories of disabilities

The number of disability categories in the UAE’s unified national disability classification is 11, with confidentiality amendments and arrangements must take into account the needs of every category. Each person of determination has their own abilities, inclinations, personal characteristics and needs that must be taken to support their employment and ensure their professional stability and career advancement on an equal basis with others. The manual is divided into eight chapters: the first chapter begins with polarisation, then interviews and evaluation, selection and job design, guidance and professional supervision. Chapter 5 summarises the working environment, there are two other chapters on employment options and job training and the final chapter is on sustainable employment.

The new manual also targets four categories: people of determination operators, service providers for rehabilitation and vocational services, people of determination themselves, and their parents.

How the manual will help

The manual seeks to educate employers, directors and top management at all government and private companies to take necessary procedures that ensure inclusive employment of people of determination whether at the time of pre-employment or during retirement phase.

Employment will be based on the rights of the people with determination to fill suitable positions as their peers. In order to open the door for people of determination who wish to compete to occupy vacant positions and achieve justice and equal opportunities, the e-recruitment platform created by the Ministry of Community Development, allows organisations to advertise the vacancies available on the ministry’s website People of determination job seekers can apply for any job vacancy through the platform and compete with others equally.