UAE online transfer payments
Image Credit: Shutterstock

While the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated UAE residents’ use of digital products, it is a trend that was becoming increasingly common regardless, as more people turned to technology to enjoy payments and transfers that are cheaper, easier and faster.

One such product that reflects this consumer demand is the UAE homegrown payment app, Empay. The company describe the app as, “the one-stop solution to all your lifestyle payment needs in the UAE.”

Empay say that their app is designed to make the lives of residents smoother and secure. The app’s purpose is to bridge the gap between service providers and consumers during the pandemic with its contactless solutions.

This mobile app aggregates a host of services from government and private sector payments, tap and pay, groceries, food orders, education payments, and instant peer-to-peer and international money transfers. Gigi George Koshy, Deputy CEO & CPO, Empay, says, “The world is witnessing a rapid shift from traditional to online payments across nations. The future belongs to mobile app ecosystems that provide the complete solution.”

Value and convenience

Antony Jos, Managing Director, Joyalukkas Exchange says that his business works continuously to provide its customers with the best value and convenience possible. “We are committed to delivering world-class exchange services to our customers. We offer the best exchange rates in the market, ensuring our customers get more value for every dirham they send to their loved ones.”

He says that Joyalukkas Exchange’s approach to convenience is to offer its services both through its physical branches and digitally. “Be it transacting at its network branches or sending money via the Money Exchange App, Joyalukkas Exchange ensures the whole process is transparent and easier for all. With the Joyalukkas Exchange Mobile App, customers can easily add, manage their beneficiaries and send money in just three simple steps. The app also has smart features including rate alerts and supports multiple languages,” he says.

Jos says that many customers also demand a fast service and that the exchange house has worked to facilitate such consumer requirements. “Joyalukkas Exchange offers faster credit of the remittances. Its premier services like Instant Money Transfer ensures money is credited to the beneficiary’s account in real-time and at competitive exchange rates.”

Anytime, anywhere

Rashed Al Ansari, Chief Executive Officer of Al Ansari Exchange, says that UAE consumers now gravitate towards services that can be used anytime, anywhere.

“At Al Ansari Exchange, we leverage our digital capabilities to enable our customers to send money through our highly-rated mobile application,” he says. “Users can remit at competitive rates, as well as benefit from our different payment options, which include online bank transfers, credit cards and other methods. We are the first exchange company in the UAE to incorporate the UAE Pass into our digital platform for added convenience and security.”

Al Ansari says that although digital services are important, physical branches remain an important part of the business. “We exist where our customers want us to be, whether digitally or physically. With nearly 200 branches across the UAE.”

Continuing to innovate

Al Ansari believes that in order to stay competitive, businesses must continuously innovate and evolve to keep-up with consumer demands.

"To address and anticipate customer needs, Al Ansari Exchange closely monitors and responds to new customer preferences and industry trends. Innovation is key to our product and service development," he says. “We are consistently introducing new features and services to ensure that we provide an enhanced customer journey and experience. Whether the transactions are done at any of our branches or through our digital channels, we provide modern services that meet and exceed customer expectations.”