Sekiguchi Noboru
Sekiguchi Noboru, Consul-General of Japan in Dubai Image Credit: Supplied


Sekiguchi Noboru, Consul-General of Japan in Dubai, sees potential in doing business in Dubai and hails Dubai’s Covid management efforts

In my previous posting as minister and chief of economic section at the Embassy of Japan in Thailand, I was fortunate to meet Japanese business executives working in Thai companies. I recognised that they were not only pursuing their own companies’ profits, but also trying to contribute to building a better society through their products and services. This is one of the virtues of Japan’s business community and companies. I saw that Thais welcomed this attitude, which translated into respect for Japanese executives, companies and Japan as a whole.

Japanese companies are engaged not just in sectors such as automobile and appliances, but also in food processing and medical equipment. They develop a product plan in terms of whether it can contribute to a better society. Carefully selected materials and highly skilled techniques are used in the manufacturing process to produce high quality products. Secondly, they incorporate the customer’s point of view in fine-tuning their services, thereby scoring high in customer satisfaction.

As Japanese consul-general in Dubai, I presume that Japanese products and services, which focus on quality and a sense of social responsibility, will resonate with people in Dubai and the northern emirates. Expo 2020 Dubai is a great opportunity for me to introduce this business model to the people here. On the sidelines of the Expo, Japan Day will be celebrated on December 11 this year. It will be a huge showcase to highlight technologies, foods, culture and other Japanese initiatives in cooperation with Japanese companies and organisations. The construction of the Japan Pavilion is under way with the sponsorship and cooperation of 31 Japanese companies and organisations.

Coming to the pandemic, it has been over six months since my arrival to Dubai and I have noticed that the Dubai authorities have made all the possible efforts to strike a delicate balance between social and economic activities and controlling the Covid-19 outbreak, accepting the situation as the new normal. One of my responsibilities as consul-general is to report the efforts and achievements of Dubai to Tokyo as a reference for its policy making under the new normal.

As consul-general, I would like to contribute to deepening bilateral relations between Japan and the UAE through initiatives such as introducing the attractivenesses of Japan to the people in Dubai and the northern emirates and reporting Dubai’s achievements in the fight against Covid-19 to my government.