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Dorothy and her son Dawson wait news on NEET exam centre set up Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The Indian Consulate in Dubai has appealed to India’s Union Human Resources Development Ministry to allow for a National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) centre to be set up in the UAE, following requests from students and parents.

The NEET test is an entrance exam in India for students who wish to study undergraduate medical and dental courses in India and tests are usually conducted in India meaning UAE-based students have to fly back to sit the exam. However, due to flight restrictions because of coronavirus, students are asking for a test centre to be set up in the UAE to avoid them missing out on the exam.

Consul General Vipul told Gulf News that following requests from parents and students, the matter has been passed onto the ministry.

Parents of students had feared their child would miss out on the opportunity to qualify for a medical college as a result.

Padma Nataraj, whose daughter Aishwarya has been preparing two years for the NEET entrance exam, said, “It has been her dream to become a doctor.

NAT 200617 Padma Nataraj with her daughter Aishwarya who is keen to appear in the NEET exam-1592723426054
Padma Nataraj with her daughter Aishwarya Image Credit: Supplied

“My husband and I have worked hard in the UAE for 20 years so we can give our child the best education. We are now in that stage, but unfortunately owing to the COVID-19 situation, our daughter is not able to travel to India to sit the entrance exam.”

Bharath Arunachalam, the father of Jhayashreene, said, “I hope the COVID-19 situation does not disrupt our dreams. All we want is for the government to set up a testing centre and our children to get a chance to sit the NEET test. That is all we are asking.”

Another parent Dorothy Rebello,whose son Dawson needs to sit the test, said, “This entrance exam is critical as it places my son into a medical college in India. I hope relevant authorities keep in mind the pandemic situation and make sure our children get a chance into the medical entrance exam.”

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Ramaya Jaya Gandhi and son Praiag Image Credit: Supplied

Ramaya Jaya Gandhi, the father of Praiag, added, “As a common man, I have contacted the Indian PMO, the HRD ministry. I have sent tweets regarding this, but we are yet to hear any news on this. As parents we earn a living in order to educate our children in the best possible way. My son has always wanted to be doctor from when he was a child. When we have now come to that situation – we are facing such a big hurdle.”

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Parents are now in touch with Salam Pappinisseri, Global Pravasi Association Chairman, to help with the situation.

“We are doing our best to ensure Indian students in UAE are able to give the medical entrance exams,” he said.